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Why We Use Fragrances

4/30/2012 9:39:04 AM | by Anonymous


We normally start our day before going to our engagements by taking a shower. It basically makes us look clean and smell good. In order to strike people with a fabulous aura, applying fragrances would do the work. Fragrances are substances such as perfume or cologne that emits pleasant odor to put on human’s body. Aside from this fact, fragrances are being used for various reasons.


How you smell can reflect your personality. Regularly applying a fragrant with the same odor can become a signature of the person wearing it. Perfumes or colognes unintentionally give out a flirty, sweet or masculine scent. These aromas can serve as an extension of a person’s individuality. There are expensive and luxurious fragrances being offered in the market. Wealth and power can be reflected to a person who is wearing it.


No matter how we try to stay fresh all throughout the day, our activities can promote body sweat which is the cause of malodor. Fragrances can be a quick solution to keep ourselves scented. Also, you might get unfavorable treatment for having a bad smell. Some people are not comfortable being near to someone who stinks so do not wonder if there are people avoiding you. In enclosed areas like public vehicles, a person’s scent tends to engulf the whole place. If you do not smell nice, you can show your consideration by applying perfumes or colognes.


Different fragrances are available to match the setting. There are citrus and floral scents which are more suitable to use in the morning. On the other hand, you might like stronger and more exotic smell for evening events.


Fragrances react differently on every person. It can cause irritation if applied on sensitive skin. It is best to try out perfume and cologne samples first and see which will suit you.

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