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Why Health Care Facilities Rely on Medical Transcription

6/17/2014 7:41:47 AM | by Tiffany Olson


The entire medical transcription process, from dictation to the translation into written form and then delivery to the physician, often flies under the radar in the important part it plays in the health care industry. Transcriptionists help to keep things running smoothly and effectively without ever having anything to do with direct patient care. Nevertheless, health care documentation is significant for a suitably functioning medical industry. Without medical transcription services physicians would be responsible for creating their own records, which would detract from the quality of care administered.


Speedy and Structured Medical Records
Doctors can’t get around the need for medical records that document their interaction with every patient they see. The problem is having the time and tolerance to transcribe their notes themselves. For most doctors, the ideal situation is to be able to take notes and then make an audio recording that will later be typed out by a transcriptionist. Outsourcing their medical transcription needs will allow health care professionals to focus more on the patient and the treatment process. In the hands of a trained and knowledgeable professional, these documents will be structured and easily readable for all health care professionals involved in caring for the patient and will also have a quicker turnaround time and not delay any remedies or procedures.


Patient/Doctor Communication
It’s not uncommon for patients to see many different doctors during the course of their lifetime due to relocation, changing health insurance, being referred to a specialist or to get a second opinion when first dealing with a new diagnosis. For proper communication to occur between the patient and all parties involved, it’s necessary to have accurate records with documented medical history that can be passed among physicians so they may gain all the information they need right away. These records will contain specifications about all previous and current illnesses, treatments, procedures that have been performed and medications prescribed. The most efficient way of getting these reports done is through medical transcription, however, they rely heavily on preciseness and explicit detail. The life of a patient could actually be in danger if there were errors or oversights in the transcribed document, showing just how important medical transcription is.


Insurance Payouts
Medical transcription is also vital because official documents are required by health insurance companies and government programs before they will payout on a claim. The records also ensure that both patients and insurance companies are billed for the appropriate services. It may even be the duty of some medical transcriptionists to file the insurance claim for the health care facility they are working for.


There are several reasons why medical transcription is important and beneficial for a highly regarded and operable health care facility. A medical transcriptionist is entrusted with the confidentiality of all reports and will help maintain accurate data that patients, nurses and doctors can understand without difficulty. It’s a rewarding career for those looking to get into the medical industry and, based on its need, a profession that will be around well into the future.

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