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What You Need in a Clean Room

7/13/2015 9:00:47 AM | by Yvonne Ching

Clean Room Equipment & Supplies

Most people do not recognize the importance of clean rooms in our lives. Everything from beverages and packaged food, electronics like computers and TVs, semiconductors and medicines are all produced in a clean room.

Clean rooms are strictly controlled environments which have uncompromising standards for air cleanliness, temperature and humidity. The clean room standards vary according to the nature of work being carried out within the room. Controlled settings utilize a host of a variety of clean room equipment and supplies to make sure of cleanliness. One of the biggest enemy of the cleanliness in a controlled room is particulates which are microscopic contaminates that are too small to see. The most typical method to stop particulates is using High-efficiency Particulate Arrestance or HEPA filters. Controlled environments commonly have a top standard HVAC system which sends the air through clean room HEPA filters installed in the ceilings and down to the room.

Clean room staffs wear specially designed clothing when working inside the controlled environment. Other rooms with extremely strict policies need users to wear a bunny suit or protective clothing which consists of face masks, head coverings and gloves. These preventive measures are intended to keep workers from contaminating the procedures conducted within the clean room with shed hair, dead skin cells and spit. Clean room workers are strictly advised against wearing various cosmetic products such as perfumes, colognes and aftershaves since they can have a negative effect on some of the processes being done inside the clean room.

The use of proper wipes and gloves can help ensure the appropriate level of cleanliness of the clean room as well. It does not matter if the workers are creating medicines in a top grade pharmaceutical clean lab or if they are manufacturing microchips, they will most likely be required to wear gloves within the clean room. Even though there are many types of gloves, the most ideal are the vinyl types. Vinyl gloves are not that comfortable as they trap heat inside, prevent moisture from escaping and are rigid. On the bright side, these clean room gloves are static dissipative and very affordable.

Another way of keeping the clean room up to an optimal condition is by cleaning the surfaces with wipes. There are numerous clean room wiper options and it is vital to select the right kind of wipe according to the application. Absorbency is a prominent consideration when choosing a wipe and it is based on the material the wipe is made up of and the contaminants it can pick up. Polyester wipes are perfect for absorbing fuel, gasoline, alcohols and oils as they are petroleum based. Unfortunately, since they are petroleum based, they are not ideal for absorbing water based contaminants which is a role best fitting for wipes made of natural fiber.

As mentioned above, clean rooms need to be free from bacteria and particulates. One solution to this dilemma is a clean room sticky mat. Sticky mats are surrounded with adhesive which collects debris and dirt as they make contact with shoes. When the top sheet is filled with too much dirt, just pull the tab and discard the old sheet to use the new clean sheet underneath.

These are just some of the ways of keeping a controlled environment clean. There are definitely other clean room supplies you’ll need in a controlled environment to keep up with superior cleanliness but the mentioned above are the most common factors to consider.

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