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What is Interior Decoration?

3/25/2013 10:32:30 AM | by Anonymous

Interior Decoration

Rearranging a room to give it a more attractive look is called interior decoration. Interior decoration is normally used interchangeable with interior design. But the two, even though similar in many ways, are different fields. Interior design involves transforming of a room into functional space. The simpler task of making a private and public space aesthetically pleasing without considering functionality is interior decoration. There are a lot of things that can be done when decorating a room or any interior spaces that the client wants to have rearranged such as yachts and restaurants. Painting the wall, furnishing and rearranging the furniture can be applied to change a room’s appearance. It is a common notion for this project to be expensive and can only be done by professional. This is where the beauty of interior decoration comes in as one can set how much he wants to spend and anyone can do it unlike interior design that only certified designers can execute and some might even need to have a background in architecture. If your budget is tight, you can perform decorating your own house but if you like getting more ideas for home decoration, one can seek professional service from interior decorators.


The goal of interior decoration is to create an ambiance different from what it used to have. This can be achieved by applying wall paper or changing the wall paint and other surfaces. Changing the wall alone can already make a big difference in a room since it is easily recognizable as it takes up a big portion of the room. The interior decorator can prepare a color palette to allow customers to choose from a wide range of colors. Besides repainting and placing wallpaper, creating accent walls is another alternative. Accent walls allow one to be bolder on their choice of color. If you are not fascinated with bold colors, one can create an accent by painting the window frames, ceiling, trim or the door frame. Once can also go hip with faux finishes like antique washes and marbling. For those who cannot do major changes in the house such as wall painting for he does not own it can go for brightly colored woven wall hanging.


Interior decoration also involves rearranging of furniture, replacing them for an instance light fixtures or adding accessories such as plants, sculptures and paintings. Furniture can either be replaced or renovated depending on the client’s budget. The bed can be furnished with new bold colored linen. The furniture such as cabinets, shelves and bookcase can be painted. Sea glass set inside a shell or mixed in a few pieces of coral can be used as an ornament to a bathroom. One can place collectibles like figurines against brightly painted or lit cabinet to provide emphasis.


Colors, texture, shape and patterns are just a few of the many elements in interior decoration that have to be brought together to transform a room into what the owner desires. This means the wall, furnishing and home accessories coincide so they will blend well and come out as a single concept. The color of floorings, ceilings and fabric should match. Consistency is the key to ensure that different elements relate to each other. Each element should stick on the chosen color palette, texture of surfaces and furnishing should be coordinated and the shape, size as well as the weight of the items should complement each other.

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