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What is Electronic Research and Development?

10/7/2013 8:13:08 AM | by Anonymous

Electronic Research & Development

Many of our electronic devices today such as our smart phones, televisions and computers were once non existent. It was probably through research and development that the idea of creating such a product was considered and manufactured. Electronic research and development is the creation, improvement, construction and design of new electronic products, machinery and equipment. Engineers and scientists work together and conduct research on technology of electronics that may be used for medical purposes, industrial machines, computers, power generators and other consumer electronics. Not only scientists and engineers conduct electronic research and development, other professionals may also conduct electronic research and development in engineering companies, manufacturing plants, biotechnology companies, private shops and university laboratories.


A large amount of research and development is to come up with useful and creative inventions that may have the possibility of revolutionizing the electronics industry. The researching component involves conducting extensive research on a specific field to determine areas of improvement or the need for new technology. Engineers and scientists often come together to generate ideas, calculate the time and resources required to build a new product and also try to predict the success rate. The professionals will then have to write grant proposals in order to gain funding which is necessary to begin the development phase.


The development component is usually carried out by a team of highly skilled engineers. These engineers use drafting programs to aid them in working out the functional aspects, measurements and design on a product. These initial drafts are also subjected to many tests. Once the engineers feel that the design is promising, they start to build a prototype of the product. This allows the engineers to test the prototype in real life, allowing them to locate errors or make improvements if needed. Many different kinds of tests are carried out to ensure that the product complies with safety and legal standards.

Once the product has passed all of the tests, the team will then apply for patents. Then the products are manufactured in the masses, advertised accordingly and sold to distributors.


Why the need to conduct electronic research and development?

In a world where the advancement of technology is extremely fast, electronic companies have to constantly find new ways to improve their products as it is important for the survival of the company. Electronic companies have to constantly revise and reinvent their range and design of their products. The increased competition and changing preference of consumers has made electronic research and development a crucial part in every electronics company. However, some companies may not have the resources to come up with their own research and development program, thus they have to rely on other acquisitions and networks to gain innovation.

Electronic research and development can be driven to meet the customer needs. In such cases, the research and development is carried out and aim at products that will be able to sell in large quantities. Research and development activities are usually carried out in special departments or centers that are part of a company or outsourced. Some sources are universities, state agencies and contract research organizations.

Overall, a great amount of time and money is spent on electronic research and development. Highly skilled engineers and scientists are continuously coming out with ways to improve and reinvent products, which not only helps bring in more profits but also benefits the average consumer as well.

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