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Diving & Underwater Service

5/29/2013 10:56:13 AM | by Anonymous

Diving & Underwater Service

Diving & underwater service is an organization which helps a person to learn how dive underwater. Underwater diving is a commercial or recreational activity which involves going below the bodies of water such as ocean and lakes. Commercial diving is done by someone for financial gain, military purposes or to conduct scientific research. Recreational diving is done by those who want to see the beauty of under the ocean. Not everyone can do underwater diving as it requires someone to be proficient in swimming. Someone also has to have the right training to know how to move underwater and the right equipment so they can breathe underwater and last a long time. The training and diving equipment and supplies usually can be provided by diving & underwater service.


Commercial Diving

Commercial diving involves a professional diver who is paid to work underwater. The most common diving jobs are construction-related, and other services may also be required. Depending upon the type of diving to be done, the equipment to use by commercial diver may vary. Before a person is qualified to perform commercial diving job, he needs to be certified by attending diving school. This training allows the person to learn diving skills and how to be proficient and relaxed below the water. It will also teach them how to react to incidents they may encounter. He will gain experience working under stressful conditions and using underwater tools.


As commercial diving is an in-demand job to many countries, many people choose it as a career. They will be required to have an internationally recognized certificate issued by underwater & diving service. Every commercial diver is expected to be physically fit, be a good swimmer and have a high stamina. One of commercial diving job that can provide international travel opportunities is supporting oil and gas exploration. Offshore assignment will require to be away for a long time and to stay on a ship which could last for several days to a few weeks. Other commercial diving job includes hazardous material diving, sea exploration and underwater welding. Commercial divers can specialize in one field or take various types of diving jobs depending on their skill.


Recreational Diving

Recreational diving grew out of other underwater activities such as underwater hunting and snorkeling. The main issue that divers encounter while underwater is the amount of time that they can hold their breath. This is resolved with the equipment and apparels invented for scuba diving. Similar to commercial diving, recreational diving requires diver to acquire diving & underwater service. The training and classes the service provides will allow the diver to learn diving skills, defense techniques, ocean awareness and equipment usage. Divers are only permitted to submerge alone after they finished the series of training and receive a certificate. In order for them to experience diving spots from different countries, they will need to obtain an internationally recognized certificate. Those who want to make diving as a profession will have to attend further certification programs. These programs may be increasingly difficult, but once they are done with them and become highly skilled, their diving will increase from being a private diver to rescue diver, dive master and instructor. Some scuba diving jobs are deep-sea diving and underwater photography.

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