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What is An Excavator Grapple?

12/9/2013 2:53:50 PM | by Anonymous


Grapple is a claw or hook that is normally used to hold or catch something. The ship’s anchor is also a grapple too. Grapple is commonly found in construction sites and known as the excavator grapple. Throwing grapple is also a multi-pronged hook which is usually tied to a rope and can be thrown to catch a grip as on a branch of a tree. Some may even used it in a boat to drag the bottom of a waterway to hook debris and to find any missing objects.


Excavator grapple is an attachment that is usually used on construction vehicles such as excavators and backhoes. The primary function of the grapple is to lift and grab material and when in action, the most common style of grapple is the functions and looks like a jaw closing and opening. This is attached to a block called a hanger which can hang from a part known as a rotator.


The grapple can sits on the extendable arm at the end of the construction equipment. The operator who sits in the cab of the vehicle can be manipulated by the excavator grapples and is generally used to move items such as dirt, pipes, logs and stones.


When the grapple should not attached to the machine, the typical excavator grapple looks more like the claw of a bird and there are approximately three to four claws like tines on each side of the grapple. Attachment is fixed to the excavator via two or more bars that can sit on top of it and a hinge that holds both sides of the grapple together as well as enable it to close and open.


Excavator grapple is powered by the oil that flows out from a hose and the grapple can be extending to a certain length of the construction vehicle all the way to the operator’s cab. It should attach with a lever which can powers the attachment in order to manage the flow of the oil. Another hose is also needed to operate the rotator which can enable the grapple to turn and maneuver. The common tubes are referred to as oil circuits.


There is much different kind of styles of excavator grapple available however depending on the requirements of a project. Some of the excavator grapple consists of one large half shaped like a dustpan and a smaller half which looks like a claw that used to push items into the larger portion and hold them in. Other grapples can be made of four claws and they are arranged in a cross formation that can enable to grab an item from the above and carry, it suspended in the air rather than holding it inside a deeper claw.


Excavator grapples come in many different strength and sizes which are geared to different project budgets and needs. The sturdiest and heaviest grapples are used for projects such as demolition and land clearing. The lighter grapples are primarily used for moving and lifting materials. However, there are less elaborate grapples that can still handle heavy loads but not as much materials because they are made of the claw like tines.


Another type is the lifting grapple; it is a hardware that can be attached to most bulky, large and heavy items which can provide a feature on the item to the material handling equipment. The lifting grapples are double as the tie downs which can allow heavy items to be held firmly in place to provide a point to the chains and ropes that can be attached to an item.

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