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What is Aminophylline

8/8/2012 1:35:01 PM | by Anonymous


A type of bronchodilator, aminophylline is a type of muscle relaxation medicine that helps lungs and chest circulate oxygen better. It is used to treat and prevent wheezing, restricted breathing and shortness of breath. The medicine is usually prescribed to those with bronchitis, asthma and lung diseases. As this medication requires a prescription, it is very important for a user to follow the instructions prescribed and take only at the times and the amount prescribed by his or her physician. Aminophylline can be in the form of liquid syrup, a pill or a cream. How this drug works is by making the lungs less sensitive to any allergens or foreign substances that may be inhaled, thus causing the muscles to relax in the chest and lungs and opening up the air passages so that breathing can be easier. It also increases the contractions in the diaphragm which aids better breathing patterns.


If an individual is prescribed aminophylline, he or she should inform the doctor of any allergies that they might have and if he or she is taking any other medication and the time. This way the doctor would be better able to access the situation and provide any information or solution that might be needed to prevent any unwanted reactions. Also, medication such as over-the-counter or cold medicines can contain ephedrine, phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine which can have adverse and unwanted reactions when taken together with aminophylline. A user should check the labels of medications carefully to ensure that they do not contain any substances that can react with aminophylline. Smoking and the use of tobaccos based products can reduce the effect of aminophylline so it is better to cut down the usage of such products. Also, women who are pregnant should inform the doctor to prevent any danger to the unborn baby or the mother.


Aminophylline can also cause some side effects in people depending on their body type. Some known side effects are stomach aches, diarrhea, insomnia, headaches, upset stomach and restlessness. These side effects are not that serious and can be overcome in a short period of time. There are however more serious side affects that, if experienced, should be consulted with a doctor immediately. These include irregular heart rate, vomiting, seizures and tremors. If these conditions are not consulted immediately, they can prove to be life threatening.


Aminophylline in its cream form is weak and therefore can be used on skin surface. This cream does not require any prescription and can be simply bought from a pharmacy or medical store. The cream is reportedly able to reduce fat at various areas around the body, usually the thighs. Although it has not be proven if the cream does help to loose fats, many people claim that it does do so. The cream is apparently able to dehydrate the skin and thus able to eliminate water that is stored in the cellulite to give skin a firmer look. There are also claims that say that the cream is able to convert body fat into heat thus breaking it down at the area it is applied upon. However, most creams are not able to penetrate so deep into the human skin, therefore it would not be possible for it to break down fat.


There are certain advantages and disadvantages of using the cream to burn fat. The cream is somehow able to break down the fats in simpler forms, which then can be lost through proper diet and regular exercise. Despite the fact that the cream contains aminophylline, it still is safe to use as most aminophylline creams contain other ingredients as well that can help to repair any damaged skin and make it smoother. The cream also makes the skin tighter and firm, giving skin a very nice tone.

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