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What is Air Ionizer?

12/9/2013 2:52:06 PM | by Anonymous


Air ionizers are devices that can be purified by the air in the room using the electrically charging instead of using filters and fans to purify the air.


The air ionizer used ions to remove the microscopic particles from the air and the purpose of the air ionizer is to make the air in the room healthier for people who are suffering from allergies, asthma, respiratory ailments or impaired immunity as well as there will be fewer allergies circulate into the lungs.


Furthermore, these air ionizers can rely mainly on the chemical properties of the particles and ions are particles that are normally charged either positively or negativity. These air ionizers can be standalone or tabletop units which can create the negative ions by using electricity. This can also attract the opposites so that the negative ions can flood the room as well as to seek out positively which can be charged the particles such as dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke and other allergens.


The positive and negative ions can charge these particles bond together and this can create the dirt particles that are too heavy to keep them floating around in the air. Eventually, they will fall to the ground and this can be cleaned by the normal means. Some of these particles might also fall onto other surfaces in the room such as television screens, shelves, furniture and can be cleaned off by wiping or dusting those surfaces. Besides, most of the particles near the ground can be positively charged.


The natural phenomena which include waterfalls or lightning can generate negative ions and ozone. This can create a “fresh” smell that the person might encounter during an electrical storm or white rapids on the river. Ozone is naturally occurring with gas that is related to oxygen and building insulation can interferes with the atmospheric air circulation so that the air ionizers can seek to compensate for this disequilibrium.


Often the outdoor pollutant gets a lot of attention because they can cause health hazards whereas the indoor air pollution get less attention but it can be a serious problem. The dust and mold collects the heat and air conditioning ducts and the higher humidity at indoor will allow bacteria to thrive.


The air ionizer can address these indoor sources of odor and pollution. The ozone is created when the negative ions are generated battler pollution by breaking it down into smaller and harmless component that makes it more difficult for germs to grow and deodorizes too.

The advantage of using air ionizer is that it can run silently and conserves power unlike the fan driven air purifiers. Another advantage of air ionizers is that there are no other parts needed for regular replacement because there are no physical filters which can get dirty.


Though, most of the air ionizers do not have motorized fans and the ionization can create a faint breeze that helps to distribute the ions throughout the room. Some of these air ionizers are outfitted with screens that can also catch the particles of dust as they fall to the ground.


The ionization is a very limited technology having purifies it alone does not do a very good job. The problem of these devices is that they do not collect the particles removed from the air instead you would have to vacuum or clean to get rid of these neither does it remove nasty odors.


It is recommended that the person use a purifier to clean the air at home which has ionization with other methods of purification. The air cleaner should have the following technologies such as an ionizer, ozone generator to remove odors, germicidal UV lamp to kill the germs and HEPA filler to remove particles and activate carbon air filler to catch any chemical fumes.

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