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What is Accent Lighting?

11/15/2013 8:02:01 AM | by Anonymous


Lighting is simply the concept of using lights to illuminate an area of darkness. Accent lighting is just a type of lighting that is usually used to illuminate areas with more subtle lights. This gives the area illumination but with less intensity. This type of lighting is most commonly used to highlight different focal points and important objects inside of the house or the surrounding landscape. For example, accent lighting can be used to highlight valuable objects such as statues, paintings or other collectible items that the owner may find valuable. Accent lightings can also be used to highlight items in the landscape such as fountains, ponds or other plants in a garden. Accent lighting may also set a certain mood to that particular area.

The fixtures and fittings of accent lighting can come in many different forms. For example, there are recessed, wall-mounted and tracked lightings. Out of these three types of accent lighting, the most flexible one is track accent lighting. The fixtures of lighting can be placed along the track in different directions so that the lighting is aimed at different areas. Track accent lighting can also be complemented with other lights such as lamps or scones. Recessed accent lighting is good when the home owner does not want the lights to spoil the aesthetics of the home. This is because recessed accent lighting tends to be installed inside ceilings, bookshelves, under cabinets and areas where the light itself cannot be seen. This is so that the recessed accent lighting blends with the surrounding environment. Wall mounted accent lighting has their fixtures directly installed on a wall or a similar type of surface. Wall mounted accent lighting fixtures may also be placed below or above a frame that hangs down.

There also other types of accent lighting, such as those used in outdoor environments. These outdoor accent lighting fixtures may either be placed inside the ground, similar to recessed accent light or they can come in forms of lamps. There are many forms of lights that can be used in accent lighting to create different intensities, brightness or colors. There are fibre optics, low voltage halogen lights, LEDs and metal halides.

Halogen lights are better than the rest of the lights when it comes to highlighting an object as it projects a bright white light. Fibre optic lights are good for lighting up areas such as stairs, ponds and pools as the fibre optic cables are water proof. For smaller areas, metal halides are better as they provide a soft and subtle lighting. Recently, more and more people have starting using LED lights. This is because LED lights can be used for a variety of purposes and uses very little energy which allows the LED lights to last much longer than other types of lights.


Accent lighting can be used for a variety of purposes but the most common is path lighting. Path lighting provides lighting to guide the person during the night time along paths while creating a different pattern that highlights various objects along the path. Accent lights may also be used for safety purposes such as flood lights to be used when the power is down. Accent lights are also ideal when it comes to highlighting key architectural features of a house.

When accent lighting is used to highlight ponds and water decorations, the light can either be outside of the pond of submersed in the pond itself. Thus, there are many different combinations of lights, placements and lighting types that can be used to accomplished many different moods and effects. However, it takes a skilled designer to decide on the best combination of accent lightings to suit the situation and create the desired effects.

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