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What is a Paper Shredder?

10/25/2013 9:28:26 AM | by Anonymous

Paper Shredders

Paper shredders were not popular until the 1970s due to the Watergate break-in scandal where many members of the US government were found to be laundering money and they were found out after the FBI recovered documents as evidence. Today many people realize the importance of disposing of their personal documents and they do so through paper shredders. Paper shredders are machines that cut your unwanted pieces of paper into little shreds so that the information on those documents cannot be read by others. Most of the times people shred documents that contain highly sensitive and personal information such as bank balances, bank account numbers, addresses, names, and many other personal information. If this information were to land in the wrong hands, it may cause many problems such as identity theft or unwanted access to your personal bank account.


Because of this threat, paper shredders have become an extremely common piece of equipment in homes and offices. There are three basic types of paper shredders to suit the needs of people. The first type is for use in large organizations which large companies use. The second type is for small or medium sized business. The last type is for personal use at home.


The paper shredder also comes in different types, whereby their cutting styles vary. The cutting style of the paper shredder usually depends on how much security is needed. If you do not require that much security, then a single cut paper shredder will do. Single cut paper shredders shred paper into vertical strips. They are not as secure as they can be reassembled. If you want maximum security, then a cross cut paper shredder will fit your needs. Cross cut paper shredders into little bits of paper rather than vertical strips to make reassembling the paper near impossible. These types of paper shredders are usually able to cut through harder material such credit cards, staples and paper clips. This means that you do not have to worry about removing foreign items on the documents before shredding, making the task more time efficient. However, some business want no risk at all, this is where the ultra-security cut type is used. An ultra security paper shredder cuts the paper in the same way as the cross cut paper shredder. The difference is that an ultra cut paper shredder cuts the paper into even smaller bits of paper. These types of paper shredders are usually used in government and financial institutions.


Paper shredders can easily be found in many hardware stores ranging from about $20 to a few hundreds depending on the type of cutter used. There are some things to take note of when buying a paper shredder. These factors include the volume of paper that is to be shredded, the type of paper being shredded, the speed of shredding, price and warranty.


The first consideration is the volume of paper that needs to be shredded. Try to roughly estimate the amount of paper needed before buying a shredder as you may end up spending unnecessary money on one that you don’t need. A personal shredder for use at home is able to handle about a 100 pieces of paper a day while heavy duty industrial paper shredders are able to shred thousands of paper a day. Another consideration is the price, if you wish to have paper shredders which use better cutting methods, or if you want the paper shredder to handle more pieces of paper then the paper shredder will definitely cost more. Thus, it all boils down to your needs and purpose of the paper shredder. Lastly, like any other product check for the warranty. In case the paper shredder was to fail, you can have it repaired for free.


A paper shredder has become sort of a security tool for many people and businesses. Whether it is for business or personal usage, it is always a good idea to have a paper shredder. It is a small price to pay for protecting your valuable information.

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