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What is a Digital Measuring Tape?

10/31/2013 4:12:14 PM | by Anonymous

Measuring Tapes

A digital measuring tape is a device that measures length traditionally with tape and can be read off digitally. This type of device typically utilizes a liquid crystal display connected with a traditional measuring tape. Whenever the tape is extended and used for measuring, the LCD screen displays the length measured. Users can then choose to record the lengths for future references or to just delete the data and measure again.


A digital measuring tap allows users to store and recall the measurements that have been measured using the tape. It serves a useful purpose during home repairs or other purposes that require the numerous and frequent measurements time after time. It also allows users to store multiple measurements that have been measured using the tape. These measurements can be used as references without the hassle of using strips of paper and manually recording the measurements after each measurement is taken.


The common types of digital measuring tapes have an average length of 7.5 metres which is about 25 feet. They are also possible to come in virtually any length that a user would require. The length of the digital measuring tape purchased will also depend on the needs of its buyer. Those who are dealing with small projects need not invest in a lengthy digital measuring tape.


Digital measuring tapes can be utilized for many purposes. It can help to successfully build shelves, hang curtains, and make home modifications or even position pictures. They can be used virtually in any place in the house wherever measurements have to be taken and recorded. It can also be used for school and work projects. Users majoring in science related fields may find the digital measuring tape very useful in both their personal and academic projects.


The features of a digital measuring tape can vary based on their model and types. In order to conserve battery life, the devices can turn on automatically whenever the tape is extended or shut off automatically when the tape is retracted. Most of the devices have an inbuilt alarm system that notifies the user whenever the battery runs low. Some models also allow the user to have the measurement display on for a longer period of time whereas some would advise the user of midway points with the touch of a button.


The conversion between standard and metric units can also be easily converted by a handy feature for someone using this type of device. It is typically in the display of fractions. Some devices might also have the ability to record voice notes. This is so that the builder can also take notes while on the job or refer to the notes previously taken.


Some models also enhance settings to let users manipulate the case lengths when taking interior measurements. No matter whatever the feature of the device is, the user can always bypass the digital capabilities the digital measuring tape encompasses and simply measure using the traditional function of the tape.


Besides digital measuring tapes, there are also different types of measuring tapes made of different materials used for different purposes. Today, there are measuring tapes made for sewing that are made of fiberglass. The fiberglass material allows the measuring tape to be sturdy, not torn or stretched easily. There are also measuring tapes designed for carpentry. They are made of a stiff, curved metallic ribbon that will remain straight and stiff when extended and later recoiled for convenient storage. This type of measuring tapes will have a floating tang to the end to aid the measuring process. The tang will float a distance that is equal to its thickness in order to provide accurate measurements on both the inside and the outside. There are also self marking measuring tapes that allow the user to have an accurate one hand measure of the length they are measuring.

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