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What Happens When Your Car Gets Towed?

8/20/2013 5:26:24 PM | by David Drasnin

Car Towing Service

Visualize a scenario where you have just come back to the spot where you parked your car and you no longer find it there! This is bound to create feelings of anxiety and panic as you see your worst car nightmare coming true. Even if you hadn’t been in a major accident, your car has been towed away, which can greatly affect your transportation means for a while.


Fretting over it, or getting all worked up won't help either. This is the perfect time for some quick stock taking if you are ever in this sort of crises. Plan ahead and bookmark this quick guide for future reference if your car is ever towed.


Reasons Why Your Car Could Get Towed.

a) You have parked way beyond the allotted time

b) You parked your vehicle in a restricted or private area

c) An accumulation of couple of unpaid tickets

d) Car abandonment

e) Vehicles Can Also Be Towed for Street Sweeping


How To Act When Your Car Is Towed: Staying Calm & Thinking Quick

Now that you have armed yourself with enough information regarding your present situation, the next logical thing is to calm down. A missing car can be a big headache or even a nightmare depending on how it’s handled. Take solace in the fact that the car has not been stolen. Either way, panicking won't make things easier.


Make note of the following points if you fear your car may have been towed:

Verify your location: Ensure this is indeed the spot where you parked your car. It’s quite possible to miss your car in unfamiliar locations like stadiums, shopping centres, or theme park attractions. These packed locations and parking lots are notorious for confusing drivers, much like the unfamiliar streets of a new city.Call the Police: The best thing to do now is call the Police, they would be the first to know whether your car has been impounded and taken away. In fact, it’s mandatory to notify the police in case of legal towing of the car.


You will need to keep your driver’s license number handy for this type of situation. Plus, also be ready to identify the make and model of your car too! It’s critical to always have a clear understanding about your car and any other aspect of your driving record.


Call a friend or family member! Whenever you’re dealing with a car being towed in an unfamiliar area, it’s best to call a friend or family member to help. In times like this, it’s good to know you have someone reliable who can get you out of a bad neighborhood, or immediately take you to the impound lot to get your car back.Immediately Contact the Towing Company Who Has Your Car. Call the company to find out the address, mode of payment, working hours, and other pertinent information about your towed car. If there’s any outstanding amount for unpaid tickets, you might have to make arrangements to pay that off before reclaiming your vehicle; charges do vary from state to state, so make sure your research is localized to your area.


Most car tow companies can charge daily fees, so rush there as quickly as possible to save yourself from any extra charges. Furthermore, you want your car back in your possession quickly, right? You can assure that your car is safe and sound with you, while not facing possible issues at an impound lot.


Recovering Your Towed Car

Once you’ve gotten your car back from the lot, make sure to check it for any damages right away. Inspect the vehicle for dents, scratches, chips, and file a special claims form with the insurance company right there and then.


Safely drive your car home from the lot and do what you can to avoid having it towed in the future. Print out this guide and keep it handy in your glove compartment at all times!

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