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What are Wood Chippers?

11/8/2013 7:49:52 AM | by Anonymous


Wood chippers are machines that are used to turn trees or section of trees into chips of wood. They can be used for a number of purposes including as mulch. The tress or section of trees that are being processed in wood chipper might have either fallen naturally, may have been felled, or have been felled during pruning. This is so that the land on which they grew on could be used for other purposes.


As much as the number of uses for wood chippers, there are also various amount of ways to gain access to the machines. People who live on large property land areas that they prune on a regular basis is one of the benefits of owning a wood chipper outright. For others who only require the use of a wood chipper occasionally may find it best to rent the machines or hire professional assistance to assist in the care provided of the work for them instead of owning one.


There are an extensive range of wood chipper models that ranges in terms of price, intended use and size. Those that are typically used in industrial settings are usually larger and have a greater capacity to process more wood at once as compared to those that are used to groom a residential area such as yards and gardens. The more commonly seen types of wood chippers are the high-torque roller, drum, disc and others.


The shredders that make use of high-torque low speed grinding rollers are growing in popularity for residential uses. These shredders are driven with an electric motor and are very self feeding, quiet and dust free. They too are equipped with an anti-jamming feature that prevents any jams to occur within the machine itself.


Among the first commercially available chippers that are still in production in today times, the drum chipper employs mechanisms that consists of a large steel drum that is powered by motor which are usually by the means of a belt. The drum is then mounted parallel to the hopper and spins towards the output chute. On top of that, the drum also serves as a feed mechanism that draws material through as it chips it at the same time.


The disc is a newer chipper design that employs a steel disk with knives that are mounted on it as the chipping mechanism. The reversible hydraulically powered wheels draw the materials from the hopper towards the disk that is mounted perpendicularly to the incoming material. As the disk continues to spin, the knives cut the materials itn ochips. They are then thrown out of the chute by flanges on the drum.


Despite the size differences, most of the wood chippers have a common feature amongst themselves. The area that is typically utilized to take the wood into the machine is always shaped like a funnel. This funnel then directs the wood to the area where it is being processed as a section of rapidly spinning metal blades help in reducing the wood into chips. Once it has been churned into chips and that the wood is now processed, it proceeds into being blown out of the tube or another funnel shaped portal.


One other feature that is common amongst most wood chippers, despite being large or small, is the wheel. Even the models that are meant for residential uses are rather heavy which is why the machines are placed on wheels. Professional land scrapers that clear large amounts of wood may however use portable wood chippers to transfer the chips directly onto the back of the truck instead. These are not excluded. They too have wheels so that they can be moved around from place to place and be positioned as needed. Most machines also rely on the use of sharp blades in order to function properly. The blades on a wood chipper will also have to be sharpened from time to time in order for the machine to be maintained and kept in good condition.

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