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What are the materials and supplies artists use?

9/13/2013 4:42:20 PM | by Anonymous

Artists' Materials & Supplies

Artists’ materials and supplies vary with the needs of the artist and it depends on what kind of artist the person is. An artist is defined as someone who engages people through creative means. These ways could be visual or through audio such as singers. For visual arts, the artist could be painters, actors, or even martial artists. There is a wide spectrum of specializations and thus the tools and supplies used by the artist really depend on what he or she specializes in.

Matching the tools with the right artists

One of the most common types or artists is painters or illustrators who draw and paint art. The artists' materials and supplies can range from paintbrushes to normal pencils. However, one tool may come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the artists’ needs. For example, if the artist wanted bigger strokes, he or she may use a larger brush, but if they wanted thinner strokes then they would use a finer brush. If the artists were a painter then he or she would require paint. There are many different kinds of paints, such as acrylic paint, water color paint and oil paint. Again it depends on what type of art the artist wishes to create.

If the artist were a sculptor then he or she would require sculpting tools like chisels. Unlike paintings and drawings, sculpture is three dimensional. Sculpting can be made out of many materials such as wood, clay, stone, metal and even ice. However, today many people are not restricting themselves from sculpting out of the traditional materials. For most sculptures, a hammer and a chisel is used to create the basic form or shape of the sculpture, followed by the sculpting of small details with another special tool. However, for sculptures such as ice or metal, other tools such as chainsaws and welding machines have to be used; it depends on the type of material that is being used.

However, the average user may not require such intricate artists' materials and supplies if they wish to do art and crafts at their own pleasure. In this case, there are many art and crafts shops that provide kits which provide many basic items such as paintbrushes, pencils, color pencils, paints, crayons and erasers. Also apart from drawing and painting, there are also art and craft activities such as origami and dioramas.

Thus, one of the most common artists’ materials and supplies would be paper. As many of the artists draw their initial drafts on paper, their final product may also be on paper but usually a piece of paper that is of higher quality. Paper is also used to made canvases which many artists use as well. Architects, who can be considered artists, also use paper to draft out their plans for their next building. People who practice the art of origami use nothing but paper.This shows just how important paper is to artists.

Another important supply for artists is clay. Clay can be used to make practical items as well such as bowls and plates. The good thing about clay is that is easy to use and mould giving the artist many options with very little restrictions this would enable the artist to freely express his or herself.

Another useful tool or supply for an artist would be a scrapbook or portfolio. This enables the artist to show case his or her works of art that the artist has created in their career. By having a good portfolio may help them increase their status or popularity and this in effect would boost their career.

Overall the type of artists’ materials and supplies depend greatly on the type of art or craft that the artist wishes to produce.

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