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what are some tools or equipment used to maintain an aircraft?

9/12/2013 5:07:26 PM | by Anonymous

Aircraft Maintenance Equipment

Aircrafts are one of engineering’s most complicated machinery with thousands of individual parts to handle. Like every machine, aircrafts do require constant maintenance in order for it to be working properly. Since there are so many things to maintain in an aircraft, the tools and equipment are usually categorized into several different categories. The categories for the aircraft maintenance equipment are as follows: aircraft recovery systems, airframe maintenance docks and scaffolding, airframe and engine washing systems, docking lifts and hoists, engine and APU hoists, fall protection systems, service carts and towbars and jacks.


Aircraft maintenance checks


There are 4 different checks that need to be conducted in order that will efficiently assess the current status of the aircraft. There are 4 checks which are represented by A, B, C and D. The first check A, is conducted usually after about 800 flight hours. It requires a maximum of about 400 checks consisting of about 40 man hours. These checks are performed at the hangar or airport gate.


The next check would be check B which is conducted after about half a year and this check takes slightly longer, about 3 days depending on the aircraft.


The next check C, is conducted after every 16-20 months or after a certain amount of flight hours that will be mentioned by the manufacturer. This check is much more in depth and detailed as almost the whole aircraft is being checked. While this check is conducted, the aircraft will remain at the maintenance site.


The final check would be check D where it occurs after about 5 years. This check is even more in depth and detailed than check C. It scrutinizes every single detail of the aircraft. This sort of check may take up to 2 months and a staggering 50000 man hours to complete.


However, these checks are all crucial to assess the current status of the airplane and it plays a significant part in the maintenance process. Some aircraft maintenance equipment used to perform these checks include, docking lifts, fall protection systems such as harnesses, various flashlights and cameras to check those areas inaccessible to the normal human and many others.


Aircraft maintenance


Aircraft maintenance includes repairing, inspecting, modifying and overhauling of the aircraft itself or its components. To go in to more details, some of the activities of the maintenance process includes, the removing, repairing, refilling of air of tires. Also the inspection of the mechanical parts such as the engine or moving parts, which is extremely important for the safety of the passengers and crew of the plane. If the engine has gone through many flight hours then it would be wise to overhaul the engine which requires removing the engines from the plane and replacing certain parts of the engine, cleaning the engine and making it the engine that is almost brand new. Such tasks require more aircraft maintenance equipment such as wrenches or spanners to perform and complete the tasks.


Other maintenance activities which are less complex includes refueling and washing of windows. These sorts of tasks require tools such as wipers and cleaning agents.


After all the work has been done, the aircraft will go through a final inspection to check that the maintenance has done its job and is ready to be flown.


Aircraft tools


The amount and variety of aircraft maintence equipment used in the aircraft is a lot. They can range from small basic tools such as wrenches or spanners of big tools such as docking lifts and big cranes. Thus if really depends on the type of maintenance and the phase of the maintenance process in order to determine the correct tool to use for maintaining the aircraft.

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