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What are Some Components of a Machine?

10/31/2013 4:11:53 PM | by Anonymous

Machinery Parts

There are many types of machines and each different types of machines have many different parts. Before going into the parts of a machine, it will be good to understand what a machine is. A machine is a type of tool that uses some sort of energy along with machinery parts to accomplish a task. The types of energy are usually thermal, chemical, electrical or mechanical. Motors are used to harness and generate the energy to operate these machines. Some examples of machines are electronic systems, molecular machines, radio, vehicles, televisions and computers. Now let’s take a look at some common and simple machinery parts.

The first machinery part is the wheel and axle. Wheels and axles are attached together so that the force is transferred from one component to the other. There is usually a bearing or hinge to support the rotation of these machinery parts. The earliest applications of wheels and axles where used to lift weights using a simple and ingenious invention called the pulley. The pulley utilizes the mechanical advantage of the axle over the wheel to wind up rope that lifts the load up.

The next machinery part is a screw. A screw converts rotational force into linear force. This means that when something is screwed in, then the object will be held securely in place. Screws are usually made out of metal and they are essentially a cylinder shape object that has grooves or threads that run through the outer layer of the screw. The tip of the screw is usually pointed so that it can penetrate through softer materials such as wood. In wood, as the screw is being screwed in, the threads will cut itself into the wood which secures the screw in its place. As for other applications such as metal, there are designated holes with grooves in them. The screw will be able to fit perfectly into the grooves in the hole. To further strengthen the bond, nuts can be used. Nuts are place at the collar of the screw to prevent the screw from coming out.

The next machinery part is the spring. A spring is a tool that is used to harness mechanical energy and there are usually made out of stainless steel. A spring is able to store energy when it is being expanded or compressed. The amount of energy that it can store depends on the rigidity and length of the spring. If the spring is made out of tougher materials, it will be tougher to compress but it will also be able to store more energy.

The next machinery part is a gear. A gear is a rotating machine that has teeth that intersect with teeth from other gears to transfer rotational energy. A machine that has two gears that are connected together is known as a transmission. By using different gear ratios, a mechanical advantage can be achieved. Gears are usually connected to a power source which provides the beginning power so move all the gears.

The next machinery part is a chain. A chain is a series of metal links that are connected together. Most of the chains are made out of strong metal to lift heavy objects. Besides lifting, chains may also be used for security purposes, such as locking a bicycle to a fence or locking a gate. There is another type of chain that is used with gears and they are known as roller chains. Roller chains are used to connect two gears together so that they rotate in the same direction instead of the opposite direction if there were meshed together.

These are only a small fraction of the vast amount of machinery parts that exist. For an extremely complicated machine such as an aircraft, it may consist of many thousands of machinery parts that work together in order for the aircraft to operate. Every machinery part no matter how big or small still plays an important role in the machine.

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