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What are Quick Couplers?

10/31/2013 4:15:20 PM | by Anonymous

Quick Couplings

Quick couplers are connectors that enhance fast and easy connection of two items without the need to screw them together. They are used with construction machines to permit the rapid change of buckets and attachments on the machine. They remove the need of using hammers to manually drive out and inserting mount pins for attachments. On top of that, they also bring with them additional safety risks that must be overcome by the careful designing and manufacturing along with the proper use. Thus, they are also known as quick disconnects.


Quick couplers have many applications such as connecting outdoor grills to propane tanks. They can be used to connect one item via the straight fitting or used to connect two items. There are many variations in the design of a quick coupler. An initial divergence is between those that can pick up any range of buckets and attachments by clamping on the mounting pins for the attachment typically known as pin grabbers and those that work well with only buckets and attachments that are designed to suit that quick coupler.


Quick couplers are generally made from one of four types of metals namely aluminium, steel, stainless steel and brass. They are operated by pulling back a fitting on the female end and pushing it into the male end of a pneumatic tool or hose. The fitting is later released to complete the connection. This allows air or fluid to flow freely with no obstructions. When the coupling is disconnected, the ball bearings inside the female end will form a seal so that fluid or air is not released.


Tools that utilize compressed air often have quick couplers on their base. The quick coupler will then enable the switching between tools without the loss of compression. If compression is lost due to the need to screw tools on, the air compressor would need time to rebuild pressure. When changing tools often, it can also lead to more time needed to complete the job.


Quick couplers are also used to help ensure safety. These can typically be found on items containing refrigerants typically freezers, air conditioning system in vehicles and refrigerators. They help to prevent refrigerants from escaping which can be fairly dangerous when sprayed into a person’s eyes. Additionally, the Environment Protection Agency also discourages any form of release of refrigerants into the air as they can cause a quick increase in fluorocarbons and deteriorate the air quality.


Additionally, air craft fuel tanks also use quick couplers as a form of safety measure. The fuel for aircraft use is extremely combustible. A quick connection helps to prevent it from escaping into the atmosphere. This measure helps to prevent accidental fires and keeps fumes from being breathed by the person who is fueling the plane. These types of quick couplers are screwed onto the tank with only a quarter turned to form an airtight seal. After which, a valve is opened to release fuel into the air craft.


Besides being used in air craft fuel tanks, quick couplings can also be used in irrigation applications to carry water through a hose to water plants, lawns and gardens. The water hose filled with water and ready to spray can be left on at all times. The water will then exit the hose when the quick coupler is engaged by a sprinkler or any other types of hose attachments.


A gas grill may use a quick coupler to obtain gas from either a propane tank or a natural gas line. The coupling is first attached to the fitting on the grills and later on hand tightened before opening the valve on the top of the propane tank. This process helps to keep the gas from being released into the air during the change of tanks.

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