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What are Motion Detectors?

11/8/2013 7:53:04 AM | by Anonymous


Motion detectors are electronic devices that constantly monitor a field. If any sort of motion is detected within that area, the motion detector will perform a specific function that is set by the user. For example if motion is detected within the field, the function can be to open an automatic door, start a video surveillance tape, sound a security alarm or turn on flood lights. Motion detection systems can either be automatic or passive. They can also either use optic systems to detect motion or acoustic systems.

Automated motion detectors are often used in security systems in homes. These automated motion detectors use infrared technology to detect motion. As the human body produces heat, the automatic motion detector senses the heat signature and triggers the security alarm. When these motion detectors sense that there is a heat signature, they are also able to perform other functions such as calling an emergency service such as the local police department or the local fire department.

There is also another type of motion detectors that gives off sound wave or optic and receives feedback to detect any sort of motion. One of the simplest types of motion detectors is used in common door ways to set off a door bell. An optical sensor is fixed on to one side of the door way and the device that gives off these signals are attached on the other side. The device that emits these signals forms an invisible beam of light that is received by the optical sensor. Thus, when ever the beam is broken by someone walking through the door way, the door bell will be triggered.

Another common application of motion detectors are used in automatic doors. The motion detectors in automatic doors usually use radar pulses to detect any motion. These radar pulses will bounce back into the motion detector. If there is an object in the way, the time taken for the radar pulses to bounce back will be less. This information will be sent to the system for the automatic doors to open for people to enter. There are also other motion detectors that use ultrasonic waves to detect motion. These types of motion detectors form an image and an acoustic signature. When someone walks through the field, the image will change and the acoustic signature will be different, setting off a function.

There are many types of motion detectors, making if difficult to choose a good one. Many of these motion detectors can be found at hardware stores or online sites. Some motion detectors also come as part of a security package along with other various detectors that has to be installed professionally. Motion detectors are cheap tools to ensure safety within a home or the office.


There are a few things to consider when buying a good motion detector. There are many types of feedback systems that can offer many functions and features to suit your needs. Thus, it is important to establish your needs. Some people prefer high security alarms, while others just prefer a simple motion detector. There are many brands available and the more you are willing to spend, the better quality you will get. This is quite important as the cheap motion detectors may fail at crucial times which may leave your household of business prone to security threats. Larger homes or businesses may also require multiple motion detectors. Since there are so many motion detectors, they are often controlled through a main peripheral device.

Thus, a good motion detector will be able to last long, provide maximum security and give you a peace of mind so that you may can relax at home or work comfortably.


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