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What are Magnifiers?

12/9/2013 1:02:48 PM | by Anonymous


Magnifiers are devices that are used for magnification. They can also be referred to magnifying glass as an optical device for magnification, magnifying transmitter as an alternative version of Tesla Coil and screen magnifier as software that can magnify part of a screen of the computer. The earliest magnifier device is a convex lens that can form a magnified image from 424BC; Aristophanes’ lens that has a glass globe filled with water and the magnifying glass was invented in 13th century.


Magnifiers are essential resources for every reader with a simple device that can spare people eyes from discomfort and strain of squirting to see that small print in page. Besides reading, magnifiers can be very helpful to make repairs, to detect forgeries or to view the intricate details of an item. Most of these reading magnifiers are made of the finest materials and are considered to be very unique and modern.


There are various types of magnifiers that are readily available and are sorted into categories for buyers convenience to find the kind of magnifier needed. To add, reading magnifiers are ideal for people who might need a reading aid but can also prove that they are helpful in the industrial applications.


Reading magnifiers are inexpensive and can be mounted on height that is adjustable. These magnifiers sometimes can have small reading lamps and there are a number of video magnifiers that are available for project printed material on closed circuit television. The essential feature of video magnifiers is that they do not add any heavy weight to the reader’s nose as compared to the eyeglass mounted scopes.


Readers can sit upright in a comfortable position and enjoy their favorite book however the drawback about these magnifiers is that they cost more than a simple reading magnifier besides most reading magnifiers require prescriptions from the eye-care practitioners as they are customly made. It is advisable to consult a doctor before buying any non-prescribed magnifiers. Additionally, these reading magnifiers can serve as a boon to people who are visually impaired and loves reading.


Another type of magnifier is the dome magnifier; it's like a half-sphere made of plastic or acrylic and designed to lie flat on the surface to provide magnification. If people have poor reading condition, it can cause eyestrain but these optical devices are useful for people that have low vision and whoever works in the handle documents or dark environments with very fine print as well as to protect their vision.


A dome magnifier comes in many different designs and is available including versions with hand grips that can make the device easier to use. There are many low vision people as well as elderly who may have neurological or arthritis problems can make motor control challenging as features with grips and carrying cases can make the devices easier to use. Some of these have got guidelines that are printed across the dome magnifier to underline text for people who have trouble tracking as they read.


This magnifier can be used for assortment of printed materials such as newspapers, books and maps. For example, nautical charts may have details printed in extremely small fonts that are hard for people to read without magnification if it is in minimum light. This happens oftenly at night as lights are low to glare on board a boat. The dome magnifier can store charts for people who have trouble reading them with their naked eye.


In addition, these devices can be used in settings where people have trouble seeing and can also provide useful spot magnification. Example, a printer uses magnifiers to inspect the quality of prints on projects before approving them.

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