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What are Magnetometers?

12/9/2013 1:01:25 PM | by Anonymous


A magnetometer is referred to as a scientific instrument. It is used to measure magnetic fields. In order to successfully determine the accurate strength of the field, the magnetometer is placed into use to also determine the direction as well as the orientation of the magnetic field. There are wide arrays of uses for the magnetometer topping off the several basic uses of it dependent on the various circumstances. Some of the devices can be exceptionally critical and sensitive. This enables them to being more capable in the detection of signs due to the increased sun activity even before the signs are made visible to the various observatories.


The magnetometer can be catagorised into two types of basic uses namely the Scalar and Vector magnetometer. The scalar measures the strength of the magnetic field in total this is to which they are subjected. Vector magnetometer has the outstanding abilities to measure the components of the field in a particular direction relative to the spatial orientation of the particular device.


Additionally, the magnetometer is also used as metal detectors in order to detect only the metals that are of magnetic background. They also have the ability to detect metals at large depths compared to conventional metal detectors. On top of that, they are also capable of detecting large objects such as cars. This can be done at tens of meters whereas the normal metal detector only ranges rarely more than 2 meters at length.


One of the obvious common uses for the magnetometer would be the scientific observations of the earth’s magnetic field. The earth’s magnetic field fluctuates under many various circumstances. This makes it commonly used by geologists who are keen in learning more about their regions of the Earth’s crust or to search for magnetic minerals such as iron on the surface.


The devices are specialized to be able to measure the impact of human activities have on the earth’s magnetic field. Many surveys that are long running also ensure that the magnetometer are kept running continuously for the only sole purpose of gathering all the important information for gathering the comparison data. Archaeologists also utilize the magnetometer due to the fact that it can be used to identify different archaeologist’s sites and ship wrecks. This can be done by detecting the various magnetic substances that are concentrated within the region.


It is common for ships to keep a magnetometer on board in order for them to identify the potential hazards that may be found lying around. These hazards can be unmarked ship wrecks of wrecked ships that have apparently drifted off their many locations ever since they were last charted. Casual archaeologists can also use the magnetometer in the form of metal detectors.


Researchers have conducted various studies of the Earth’s magnetic field. It is believed that the magnetic field has the ability to yield many interesting information about the development of the Earth as well as the Universe in general terms. Scientists have also proceeded onto documenting the clear change in the earth’s magnetic field in terms of its position and magnetic criteria. Some of the recordings in the fossil record are in the form of iron particles that have particularly reoriented themselves in the response of polarity switches. Additionally, magnetometers can also be used to look at the impact of the solar activity on Earth surface. This can be done by scientists that use data from the past in order to chart and predict the solar flares. The machines can vary very extensively depending on their complexity and size. Many are designed with the purpose of doing field work. Therefore, they are generally very reasonably portable. The chances of owning a magnetometer are high since most people in our current time would own a compass.

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