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What are Levels?

11/14/2013 3:15:22 PM | by Anonymous


Levels are special tools used by construction workers or people working on building projects to ensure an object is properly leveled. There are many various types of levels that can be used depending on its application. For example, there are laser levels that are essentially pendulum levels or spirit levels equipped with lasers. By combining these two devices increase the accuracy and range of the level.

One of the most common types of levels is the spirit level. The spirit level has some sort of fluid in it and a pocket of air which forms a bubble. This bubble is used to determine if the object is leveled or not. On the spirit level there are two lines, if the bubble is in between these two lines then the object is leveled. Spirit levels have been used for a very long time as they do not require any power or electronics to run making it an extremely simple and efficient tool.

A pendulum level uses a string and a weight to determine if an object is leveled or not. If the object is not leveled, the pendulum will swing towards the right or left. If the object is leveled then the pendulum will hang straight down. Both spirit levels and pendulum levels are efficient and accurate but only to a certain extent. To increase the accuracy of the levels lasers may be added.

These lasers ensure that the user is able to see the level line, making it particularly useful when leveling objects such as overhead cabinets or hanging objects on walls. When the user feels that the object is leveled, he will shine a laser on the wall. This line of laser can then be used to install nails or other objects to ensure that they are all leveled. Laser levels are particularly useful when installing cabinets and hanging objects as they have a high chance of being off balance. If a cabinet is not leveled properly, the weight will be distributed to one side and may break over a long run. This applies to other construction objects as well. If objects that are being built are off balance, then the weight will not be evenly distributed which causes more stress on a certain part of the object. Ultimately, this stress may cause the whole structure to collapse.

Levels can be used by carpenters, construction workers or surveyors. Most of the times, surveyors use a laser level that is placed on a tripod. The laser level is then spun to create beams that form a readable level vial. Once the beams are leveled, the surveyor can then use a sensor to determine which areas of land are leveled based on the beam.


For the maximum accuracy, laser level tools are used. There are many types of laser levels so it is important to consider a number of factors before deciding which laser level is the most suitable for the job. Most of the times it depends on the scale of the project, for example a small home project may only require a simple level while a professional building project may require tools such as the automatic leveling rotary laser levels. Since laser levels are electronic, it will be good to have a large battery so that is can be used for longer periods of time. Also, a stronger beam of laser in a laser level tool means that it will be able to cover more distance, be more visible and accurate overall.

Levels have been used for a very long time and they have evolved from simple pendulums to high tech laser levels. They are especially important in the building industry building structures accurately will be impossible without levels.


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