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What are Inductors?

12/9/2013 2:52:59 PM | by Anonymous


Inductors are electrical devices that are used for a number of applications particularly radio frequency circuits. These inductors are closely related to capacitors and in many ways can consider their opposite. A capacitor’s energy is determined by the voltage and capacitance while an inductor and the equation is the same except that the inductance can replaces capacitance.


They are also known as reactor or coil and are passive two terminal electrical components which resist changes in electric current passing through it. A wire can wound into a coil and let the current flow through it as well as the energy is stored temporarily in a magnetic field in the coil.


These inductors are labeled by their rate of inductance which is given in the standard unit of (H) henrys and an easy one to one definition of henrys is found by taking the inductor of one henry and running one volt across it. This will result in a current by increasing 1 amp/s. This can also present an equation of V = L (di/dt) where V is the voltage and L is a measurement of henrys as well as di is a change in current and dt is a rate of time.


The most basic inductors are tightly wrapped in coils of wire and usually inductors are wrapped around some sort of the core material in order to increase the inductance of the wire. The iron is the most common core material that is used for inductors even though ferrite is also widely used.


Any conductor will have some amount of inductance because there is a current to be opposed. Inductors are designed to create this inductance however when it is about inductance, this is about a magnetic field that can be created by changing the current and can runs through a medium. By wrapping a wire into a coil around it, the amount of current that is necessary to create a magnetic field of the power is reduced accordingly and the more times of wire that is wrapped the less current is needed.


The use of a core material like iron is to let the coil surround with air and the magnetic field can create by the inductor that is held to the inductor body and increase the overall inductance.


Inductors are normally used in the radio frequency devices to quiet interference and prevent it from being transmitted besides they are used in making transformers. Transformers are simply two or more inductors placed together so that their magnetic fields can overlap.


They are extensively used in signal processing and analog circuits. Inductors are conjunction with capacitors form that will turned circuits by filtering out the specific signal frequencies. Such applications range from large inductors in power supplies that is conjunction with filter capacitors as well as removing the residual hums which is known as main hum from direct current output.


However, smaller inductor combinations can provide tuned circuits by using it in the radio reception or broadcasting. Example, it is used as energy storage device in many switched mode power supplies to produce DC current. This inductor supplies energy can connect to the circuit to keep the current flow during the “off” switching periods.


There are two or more inductors in the proximity which have coupled magnetic flux that forms transformer. Transformer is a necessary part for every electric utility power grid and they may also decrease the frequency as it increases due to the eddy currents in a core material and skin effect on the windings. The core size can also decrease at the higher frequencies because usually aircraft uses 400 hertz when alternating the current rather than the usual 50 hertz which can allow a greater saving in weight and the use of smaller transformers.

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