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What are Inclinometers?

12/9/2013 2:53:17 PM | by Anonymous


Inclinometers are devices used to measure the degree of a downward or upward slope. Inclinometers are also known as tilt indicators, clinometers, declinometers and gradiometers. They are especially useful in many situations which can be determined by an aircraft’s angle in the relation to the ground such as measuring the height of trees and aligning antennae with satellites.


The earliest inclinometers are Well’s inclinometer and their essential parts are a base of flat side which it can stand and a hollow disk that is just half-filled with some heavy liquid. Glass face of the disk is normally surrounded by the graduated scale which marks the angle of the surface with liquid that can stand with reference to the flat base.


While the zero line can be parallel to the base and when the liquid stands on the line, the flat side will be horizontal at a ninety degree perpendicular to the base. These intervening angles are marked with the aid of simple conversion tables and the instruments will also indicate the rate of fall per set distance by the horizontal measurement as well as the sloping line.


The old inclinometers are relied on the water to work out an angle for the surface. They usually have a flat bottom that could rest on the ground and can house a container which is full of water. The markings on the side of the container full of water are used to measure the angle of a surface depending on the tilt of the water’s surface.


This measurement effect can easily be replicated by the tilting glass of water and the angle of the container can changes. However, the surface of the water will still remain to the ground no matter what happens.


The modern inclinometers are dependent on an electronic sensor and they can also be determined the angle in relation to the ground. A few of these inclinometers have a separate probe and a hand held device which can be displayed by the readings. Furthermore, there are many inclinometers that come in combination with compasses and they can be found in many different kinds of style.


In addition, inclinometers are used by looking through an eyepiece that aligns the horizontal line and can be stretch across the display with an object where the angle is being measured after the readout and displayed it in degrees.


There are also many different applications in the various occupations that are vital in the aircrafts to determine the airplane’s angle that is in relation to the ground. It is very important for landing an airplane as well as keeping the plane at a consistent height in the sky therefore operators in the seaways also use an inclinometer to keep them correctly balanced.


In the seismology, the inclinometer is useful to determine the angles of the valleys and hills to work out whether the ground is moving. The only difference in the inclinometer readings is that over time it can be used to determine the rate at which the ground is moving too.


When in forestry, these inclinometers are used to calculate the height of the trees based on the angle to the tip and the distance from the tree. Inclinometers can also be used in construction to ensure that the door frames and shelves are parallel to the ground.

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