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What are Humidifiers?

11/8/2013 7:59:41 AM | by Anonymous


Humidifiers are used to add moisture to the atmosphere. Humidifiers are usually used when the relative humidity is very low, which causes dry throats and dry eyes. There are two main types of humidifiers that can be installed in a home to add moisture to the surrounding atmosphere.

One of the most common types of humidifiers used in homes is furnace humidifiers. They are one of the best ways to add moisture to the atmosphere. Furnace humidifiers are usually installed near a furnace to provide moisture when the furnace is running. What makes furnace humidifiers so popular is that they use the energy generated from the furnace and it is integrated into the furnace system. This makes it more convenient, simpler and efficient to use. Furnace humidifiers often come with a heating system as well to adjust the temperature of the moisture to the surrounding atmosphere.

Furnace humidifiers come in two basic types and apply the same principles to humidify the air. One of the types involve water flowing through the humidifier and draining out, it is called the flow-through system. Furnace humidifiers using the flow-through system is usually installed on the air duct near the furnace and uses the hot air from the furnace. There is also an evaporator installed inside the humidifier that absorbs and distributes the moisture throughout the atmosphere.
The other type of humidifier is called a reservoir humidifier. This type of humidifier uses a rotating drum to disperse moisture into the atmosphere from a reservoir of water. These types of humidifiers are less common due to a number of reasons. The main reason is that since the reservoir water is stagnant, mold and bacteria may grow in it. This will cause the humidifier to disperse the bacteria into the atmosphere. When inhaled, the people may suffer from fever and inflammatory diseases. This issue can be avoided by constantly monitoring the reservoir water and cleaning it regularly.

The modern designs of humidifiers also have a humidistat. Humidistats are similar to thermostats as the humidistat regulates the amount of humidity of the home. They are able to constantly measure the current relative humidity levels and adjust the amount of moisture going into the air.

The next type of humidifier that can be used to increase the relative humidity in the atmosphere is the ultrasonic humidifier. This type of humidifier is very modern and use advanced ultrasonic technology to add moisture into the air. Ultrasonic humidifiers use vibrations of high frequencies to add tiny particles of water into the atmosphere. They can either be installed for humidify the whole house or they can be installed in a single room.


Instead of using heat to evaporate a water body and from steam, ultrasonic humidifiers use an electric transducer. This electric transducer creates a high frequency sound wave when electricity passes through it. The water that is in the tank is then broken down into tiny particles by these ultrasonic sound waves. The tiny particles of water are then transferred to the atmosphere through vents. Some ultrasonic humidifiers also have a fan to speed up the distribution process. Ultrasonic humidifiers are probably the best type of humidifiers as they are efficient and produce much less noise. However, they still have to be cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of diseases.

Humidifiers have many benefits. For example, during cold and dry seasons people may experience dryness in their throats and eyes which causes dry sinuses. The additional moisture can relive them of these dry sinuses. Also the warm moisture may relieve colds as well. In dry climates, the wallpaper and flooring may start to peel away but the use of humidifiers prevents all these problems from happening.


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