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Hardware Retailers

5/21/2013 8:05:47 AM | by Anonymous

Hardware - Retailers

Before understanding what hardware retailers do, one must first understand the difference between hardware and software. Hardware and software are used in digital devices together to make the device functional. Hardware on one hand refers to physical components such as chips, memory cards, motherboards, hard drives etc. However, software refers to programs that run on the hardware. For example, DELL computers provide hardware such as motherboards etc, whereas the software used to run the computer is Microsoft Windows. Hardware and software are usually associated with computers; however, hardware and software form the building blocks of almost all electronic devices in this age. For example phones, tablet computers, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and medical equipment all make use of both hardware and software to function. Hardware for different equipment may vary, for example a computer may have hardware such as external hard drive and keyboard, and however a mobile phone would not require such hardware. Hardware retailers can then be classified according to the type of hardware that they provide. Most hardware retailers, however, tend to provide hardware for more than just one kind of electronic device. Hardware may not always be related to electronics and may include household tools and equipment as well.


Sometimes also referred to as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) stores, hardware stores may sell either computer and electronic hardware or household hardware such as hand tools, keys, locks and power tools, or both. The hardware that is sold in a hardware store depends on the demographic around the store, the location or the target consumers. For example, a hardware store located in a housing estate would most probably only deal with tools and equipment required to home improvement. As it is located in a housing estate and people living nearby would probably require tools instead of computer hardware, it would bring in more profits for the retailer. However, a hardware retailer located in a shopping mall that deals with a lot of electronics would not sell household tools but instead hardware required for computers or other electronic devices.


In terms of hardware stores dealing with hardware required for domestic purposes, the stores can be further classified according to the type of hardware that they offer. For example a hardware store dedicated to fishing supplies may only supply hardware that is concerned with fishing such as fishing rods, lines, baits, containers etc. On the other hand, a hardware store dealing with home improvement supplies would include items such as chains, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, utensils, paints etc.


Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is one of the most sought after and important hardware in this age of technology. Be it for desktop computers, mobile phones or portable electronic devices, computer hardware forms a very important part in several electronic devices. Some key hardware used in electronic devices can be the Motherboard, Random Access Memory (RAM), Central Processing Unit (CPU) Hard Drive.



Forming the most important part of the computer, the motherboard requires all other crucial peripherals to be installed on it for the computer or device to function. All the crucial parts of the computer such as RAM and CPU work when they are connected to the motherboard.


Random Access Memory (RAM)

These small chips are installed on the motherboard of a computer. The job of these chips is to store data on a temporary basis, determining the speed of the computer. These chips can usually be upgraded with varying memory space available. The more space this chip has, the faster the computer would function.


Central Processing Unit (CPU)

This is another chip that is installed on the motherboard and does the job of running any computer programs. Also referred to as the computer processor, this chip also determines the speed of the computer as the larger the capacity of the chip, the faster the computer would run.


Hard Drive

This is where all the computer data and program files are stored. Files stored here can be accessed in the future for further operation. These drives also can be upgraded and come in carrying capacities, ranging from 80 gigabytes to 1 terabyte or more.

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