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What are Grabs?

11/14/2013 3:14:25 PM | by Anonymous


Grabs can refer to the railings known as hand grabs or handrails. A grab bar is type of bar or railing that is used to aid the disabled people in places such as restrooms, particularly handicapped toilets or handicapped areas. These grab bars are used to support people with disabilities as these people have difficulty getting up after bathing or using the restroom. Grab bars can also be installed in home bathrooms to meet a number of needs.


Grab bars are used to make the area more handicap friendly, comfortable and user friendly. The main purpose however, is to help people in wheelchairs or walkers to get out of the wheelchair and use the toilet. Grab bars can also be used to maintain balance in the bathroom where it may be very slippery. Many nursing homes and hospitals also have grab bars installed in various locations as the patients may need them when walking around.

A grab bar has to be strong and sturdy to support the weight of humans, thus it is often designed to sustain a large amount of weight. These grab bars are also installed in a way so that it does not rotate or move in anyway. The diameter and thickness of the grab bars also have to be small enough so that it is easy for people to grab. Grab bars are also made from a number of metals that provide different kinds of textures. Metal is used as it is sturdy and does not corrode and rust resistant. Some grab bars have a brushed or a special texture to enhance the grip of the grab bar.

The height of the grab bars is also very important. Although it does not seem important to the average person, it is very important especially to people in a wheelchair. By installing these grab bars in bathrooms; these handicapped people are able to finally have access to it. It also eliminates the need for someone else to help them, giving these handicapped people some privacy when using the bathroom.

Grab bars are not only used by those who are bound to the wheelchair, but by people who have trouble getting around due to the inability to maintain their balance. One good example is elderly people. Elderly people often have trouble walking without falling down, when they fall down then might sustain injuries. To prevent this, they can use grab bars to aid them while walking to another location. It is very important that these people do not fall down as they are quite fragile and a simple fall may result in serious injuries.

These grab bars can be easily found in hardware stores or online stores, however if you plan to install in yourself you have to ensure that the grab bars are mounted properly as you don’t want it to fall out of its fitting when someone grabs onto it.

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