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What are Germicides?

11/8/2013 7:59:06 AM | by Anonymous


A germicide is any type of products or agents that are designed to kill and destroy germs and bacteria on the surface of different things. They are normally sold in form of liquids and also found in detergents and cleansers as well. Many household cleaning products are formulated to function as cleaning products as well as germicides. Additionally, there are also some personal care products that are designed to kill germs as part of the process of cleaning the skin. Any homes or business will easily have at least few of these similar products on hand at any given time. They are all functioned to kill the bacteria from different surfaces during cleaning.


Over the years, germicide products have been used for a number of common uses. Some would involve the utilization of basic antibacterial and germicidal products as their way of minimizing the chances of spreading cold or any other form of illness or diseases. For instance, it is not uncommon for bleach to be used as part of the process of washing clothing. It can also be used to disinfect countertops or any other surfaces where food has been prepared on. Chlorine bleach is also sometimes used in kindergartens and daycare centers as an alternative to disinfect toys that are handled around by several children. Thus, this helps to minimize the spread of germs from one child to another.

Some other cleaning agents are also effective disinfectants and sterilizers. Household ammonia is often used to clean porcelain and tiles in the bathrooms. This helps to keep the areas relatively germ free and nice smelling. Ammonia is also used to remove germs that are on glass surfaces such as windowpanes.

Alongside with the use of cleaning products, there are also other forms of germicides that are used for medical treatments. The use of radiation helps to kill germs and abnormal cells is one of the few examples. Medications that are designed to kill infections and limit the bacteria spread can also be classified under the broad category of germicides. Even with the use of heat, it can sterilize the various types of medical instruments that qualify as examples of anti-germicidal or antibacterial cleansing.

The purpose of germicide in all of its forms is to get rid of the area of bacteria and germs that have the potential ability to cause harm to humans and any other types of living things. While very helpful in maintaining a healthy environment, it is important to note that mixing the various types of germicidal cleaners can cause toxic fumes to form and other issues that will in fact be very detrimental to general health and well being. For this reason, it is exceptionally important to use germicidal products with care. It should always be used under extra caution after reading the usage instructions and safety precautions stated and provided by the manufacturers. In the event that the two forms of germicides that do not mix well are inadvertently used at the same time, medical attention should be sought after immediately to prevent any complications in health.


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