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What are Flooring Laminates?

11/14/2013 3:15:07 PM | by Anonymous


Flooring Laminates is a type of material that is used to decorate flooring materials. Flooring laminates can be used to make a floor look like different materials such as stone, tile and wood. These flooring laminates are covered with some sort of sealant to prevent corrosion and breaking. People often use flooring laminates as it is cheaper than using the actual material it is trying to imitate. Flooring laminates still give the same look as its actual counterpart. They are also very easy to install and do not require any knowledge on construction to be able to assemble the flooring laminates. The low cost combined with the convenience make it a popular choice for many people.

There are also flooring laminates that are made from recycled materials. This makes it even more appealing to eco-friendly people. Most flooring laminates come in many pieces of planks which have to be assembled together. Depending on the brand, there are various ways of assembling the planks together. They could be glued, nailed or simply snap together. People who use flooring laminates also install an additional layer of sub flooring to increase resistance to noise and moisture.

One of the biggest disadvantages about flooring laminates is that they are not real. This means that the feel and texture of the flooring laminate is very different from its actual counterpart. While these flooring laminates are durable, they still cannot match the real thing. These flooring laminates are still prone to water damage and spills. Modern laminates however, look and feel extremely similar to the real thing and sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

Flooring laminates are often sold in a package that includes the sub flooring material and some tools that may be needed for the installation of the flooring laminates. There are also custom made flooring laminates where the customer can choose the design in different styles, shades and tones. There are many types of laminates and each usually represents a certain material.

One of the more popular choices is wooden flooring laminates. This is because it is much cheaper than real wood and less vulnerable to water damage unlike real wood. Wooden flooring laminates are still made out of wood but they also consist of wood veneer coating with an acrylic coating. The thicker the wooden flooring laminates the more durable it will be. This is because if any damage occurs, the floor can be sanded to restore its original look.


The next type of flooring laminates are plastic flooring laminates. Plastic flooring laminates are not as popular as wooden flooring laminates as they give off a cheaper look and feel. However, plastic flooring laminates are more versatile. This is because the plastic flooring laminates are able to contain an image in them, which allows for many much more designs. Plastic flooring laminates are often made out of fibreboards. However, plastic flooring laminates should not be used in the kitchen, bathroom or any area that experiences a lot of water spills. This is because plastic flooring laminates retain a lot of moisture which may damage them in the long run.

As there are so many designs of flooring laminates available, there are some factors you should think about before selecting a particular design. Different designs give off different appearances and feelings, for example a darker flooring laminate will make a room feel smaller while a lighter flooring laminate will make the room feel bigger. It is also important to ensure that the flooring laminates are of good quality as lower quality flooring laminates are usually thinner and may not last as long. Thus, it is important to think of all these factors to ensure that you buy the right flooring laminate for your home.


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