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What are Flares?

11/8/2013 7:56:36 AM | by Anonymous


Flares can have many meanings. Flares can refer to the safety equipment that gives off light to warn people about the upcoming hazards on roads. These types of flares are known as road flares. Flares may also refer to an inflammatory disease known as lupus flares.

Road flares are types of safety equipment that are used to warn people about hazards such as accidents, closed or damaged lanes, fallen trees and other obstructions. These road flares are often carried by emergency services such as the police department, fire department and ambulances. Some motorist may possess flares as well. Most automotive stores and catalog stores provide various types of road flares to these emergency services.

The road flare is essentially a stick that carries explosive and insulated material. Inside the flare, there is a tab that has to be pulled to activate the fuse. This fuse then lighted up and will last for about 15 minutes. The contents of the flare can be altered to change the flares color to green, blue, red or yellow. However, sometimes these flares may pose as a fire hazard since they have explosive material thus to avoid a fire from happening, safety measures such as roll prevention stands and spark detectors are used.

When a flare is lighted, the light that is given off is very bright. It has to be bright as the flares have to be visible from far distances or places with low visibility such as foggy areas. Most of the times road flares are laid out on a row to make sure that the oncoming traffic can see them. Road flares also have to be kept out of direct sunlight or hot areas; this is why most manufacturers sell flares in protective containers.

Apart from emergency services, individual motorists can also set their own flares to alert other drivers about the accident as the emergency service may take some time to arrive to the accident site. When individual drivers set their own flares, there are some rules that they should follow. For example, the flares should be set in both directions to avoid any confusion to the drivers. The flares should also not be an obstructing the road, where other drivers may hit the flares and cause damage to their vehicle. Road flares may also be used to mark a location to air response units. This is why it is important that the flares do not net disturbed in any way.

Every driver should slow down if they notice that there is a flare to prevent further accidents. Individual drivers that carry flares should also store the flares in a protective container as the car can get quite hot especially during summer times, and this may set the flare off causing harm to the driver and the vehicle.

Thus, road flares are useful but they also have their dangers and they should always be handled with caution.

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