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Flags & Banners

5/27/2013 12:35:32 PM | by Anonymous

Flags & Banners

Flags & banners are pieces of cloth designed with symbols or logo conveying a message. They are used by individuals and businesses for various reasons which could be personal or commercial related. Flags which are commonly recognized as cloth representing a country have emerged to use for other purposes today. The application of banners, on the other hand, is more versatile even during the earlier times.



National flag, as mentioned above, is used to represent a country and usually flown on various structures. The flags for use in land and sea are usually distinct though they can also be similar in some countries. Civil flags, state flags and war flags are types of flags used in land. Those used officially by government agencies are referred to as state flags. Civil flags, on the other hand, can be flown by anyone even by those not liked to government. Whereas Armies, Air forces and Marine Corps fly war flags or also called as military flags. In many countries such as United Kingdom and United States, identical flags are used for the three aforementioned purposes.


The flag called ensign is flown in ships to indicate nationality on a ship. The three types of ensign are civil ensign which is flown by private vessels, state ensigns used by government ships and war ensigns which naval vessels fly. National flags are made from cotton or other materials. Since some flags are displayed on exteriors, they are exposed to elements which could cause the print to fade or the cloth itself to be damaged. In order to prolong the life of the flag, an all-weather design should be used.



Banners are more widely used than flags in the past. They were mainly used for processions in churches and in 1840, trade union banners have been made. Today, banners are created to use by businesses for promotional campaigns or by an individual as a display to events such as birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasions.


The role of flags has greatly broadened since its first known usage. Both flags & banners now are being used as a marketing tool. There are promotional flags that come in various shapes for marketing and promotional purposes. They can be triangle or tear drop in form and the layout may be horizontal or vertical. Promotional flags help attract consumers to come in to the marketing event. They can also serve as a guide for people to appropriate places such as displays. The material which flags are made of depends on the application where the flag will be used. Promotional flags meant for repetitive use are made from durable materials such as nylon, aluminium or thick plastics. Paper products and lightweight plastic are utilized in the construction of one time use flags as there is no need to consider the weather conditions they will be exposed to. Flags are affixed to standing aluminium displays or poles in order to stand.


Banners are usually bigger than flags and can be fixated on any part of structures. They may be attached on pole stand or mounted on the wall. Since banners tend to be more graphical, they are expected to be more eye-catching and effective in conveying messages to audience. Since flags & banners are used as a promotional tool, using both may provide more successful outcome when used in marketing events.

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