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What are End mills?

11/8/2013 7:55:29 AM | by Anonymous


End Mills are tools that are used with milling machinery. A milling machine is a type of machine that can be found in metal working factories to transform a metal block into a finished product. End mills are also used to make special kinds of cuts on the metal blocks. End mills can come in two forms, double ended and single ended. Double ended mills have two ends that can be used to cut metals. This is so that when either one of the ends become dull or can no longer be used, the other side can be used. Single ended mills only have one side that can be used to cut metals. These end mills may require the other end to be attached to the milling machine, which is why they only have one end.

End mills are often made out of tungsten carbide steel as it is an extremely strong and tough material that is able to cut through metal without getting damaged or scratched. In most cases, the cutters that are on these end mills are made out of nothing but tungsten carbide steels. During the cutting process, metal chips may sometimes stick on to the tool. If this happens too often, the metal chips will slowly reduce the end mills ability to cut effectively and ultimately shorten its useful life. Thus, to counter this problem, the end mills are usually coated with a gold colored coating known as titanium nitrate. This layer of coating is able to prevent the small metal chips from sticking to the end mill. End mills can come in many types of sizes and shapes. To the average person however, the end mill will look similar to an oddly shaped drill bit.

Similar to drills, end mills are able to drill holes through many materials. However, an end mill can do much more than drilling holes. In terms of functionality, an end mill resembles a router that is used in wood work activities. These end mills are able to cut grooves or blind holes, flat edges, bevel edges, make holes in the material and make cylinder blocks are bearing raceways. Apart from cutting metals, tungsten carbide end mills are also able to cut through other solid materials. These end mills are also able to cut in all kinds of different directions. These tungsten carbide end mills are just one of the many milling tools that make up a milling machine.

End mills are unique in a way as they have cutters in that look like teeth around the sides and the tip as well. End mills also have grooves that run across the sides of the cutters. When the cutters are cutting through the metal or material, these grooves direct the excess material that is being cut away to the surface. This prevents the excess material from interfering with the cutting process. Secondly, these grooves allow for less vibration to occur which leads to a more polished and cleaner cut.


Initially, stainless steel was used to make end mills. In modern times however, tungsten carbide is used as they have many desirable properties that make it ideal to be used as end mills. Firstly, tungsten carbide can last much longer than stainless steel as firstly it has a higher melting point of about 2800 degrees Celsius and it has a rating of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, compared to steel which comes in at 7 out of 10.

Since tungsten carbide is so hard and tough, diamond cutters have to be used as they are one of the few materials harder than tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide end mills together with other milling tools, make the milling machine one of the most versatile and useful machines in the factory.


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