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What are Dock Fenders?

10/7/2013 8:12:21 AM | by Anonymous

Dock Fenders

Dock fender is a bumper that is used to absorb the kinetic energy of a boat or vessel berthing against a quay wall, jetty and other vessel. They are typically manufactured out of rubber, foam plastic, tear-proof tri-laminate polyester, UV-resistant and result in a material that is corrosion-proof as well as filled out with a polyethylene, high-density foam to deliver impact for long term protection.


They are also used to prevent damage to vessels, boats and berthing structures. The rubber fenders are usually either made in a mould. This type of fender is most suitable for an application depends on many variables including displacement of the vessel, dimensions, berthing structure, maximum allowable stand-off, tidal variation and other specific-berth conditions. The size of the dock fender unit is based on the berthing energy of the vessel that is related to the square of the berthing velocity.


In the early days, dock fenders have been woven from rope in a variety of patterns and which now, they are still using woven rope to make fenders by the historic boat owners. Usually, small leisure craft, yachts and other support vessels have mobile fenders that are placed between the boat and the dock as the boat approaches the dock. Some docks and other marine structures such as bases of bridges and canal entrances have permanent dock fenders placed to avoid damage from boats.


The dock fenders are there to take a pounding in order to protect the boat’s hull from contacting with a floating dock or stationery. The marine dock fenders come in variety of shapes, sizes and materials to complement all dock arrangements with many popular choices such as post bumper, cushion, heavy duty units and vinyl. The versatile approach is achievable with the foam cushioned dock fenders.


They are coated in a polyester textile material that allows the ease in installation with the ability to mount around the corners or on curves. The outer casing will be easy when cleaning and they will not mark a craft hull or deteriorate in the marine environment. However, if an aluminum or wooden dock is mounted on leg or pipe supports the post bumper set will be the ideal protection as these units are easily attached or slide on to each of the support pipes.


However, when in situations where rougher conditions are seen the heavy duty set up might be ideal. An example, dock fenders in the marine grade vinyl are versatile option that has the ability to adjust firmness via an in-built deflate or inflate valve.


When an edging or boats dock fenders are in a high quality material, they offer vital service in cushioning against the impact damage on the types of recreational dock configurations. The perfect solution to safeguard a highly valued craft is from scrapes and damage when mooring up.

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