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What are Control Cables?

9/24/2013 12:44:27 PM | by Anonymous

Cables: Control

Control cables are flexible instrumentation cable that is designed for measuring, control or regulation in the field of the process automation. The control cables are highly flexible multi-core cable with the copper conductors and a galvanized steel wire braid for mechanical protection. They are typically manufactured with bedding, PVC insulation and a transparent PVC sheath. The transparent sheath means the signs of deterioration, corrosion or damage can be detected with ease. On the market, the control cables are a whole variety and in this field of automation process, you would most likely hear about the three types of control cables such as CY, SY and YY. The CY is called the screened flexible cable; YY is unscreened or unshielded control cable and as for the SY is called the shielded flex. The control cables are also known as motor cable, cable, multi-core or control flex and robotic cables.

These cables can be used on AC voltage up to 1100 V or 1500 V up to DC. The sizes are -1.5sq.mm and 2.5sq.mm to 61 cores in the control cables. As for the conductor, they are annealed base electrolytic copper or aluminium conductor conforming to IS: 8130:1984. The conductor is also insulated with the PVC compound as per IS: 5831:1984.

As for the color of cores, they can be identified with a color scheme as per IS: 1554 (Pt-I):1988 under the cores of red & black, red, blue & yellow as well as 3½ & 4 core of yellow, red, blue & black. This can reduce neutral core in the case of 3½ cores. However, if the cable exceeding five cores, the two adjacent of counting and direction cases in each layer shall bed colored as yellow, blue and the remaining cores of gray. The cores also can be identified by the numbers printed on that same color.

The laying of cores is laid up with a suitable lay and the final layer direction shall always be on the right hand lay. Additionally, the inner sheath should be applied over laid up of the cores by wrapping or extrusion of the thermoplastic material. Same for the armoring, they should be applied over the inner sheath. This consists of the galvanized round steel wires and or a galvanized flat steel strip to conform IS: 3975.

The quality of the assurance will be tested and checked at every stage from the raw material through manufacturing stages to the end finished product. The application of the control cables are used under ground as well as over head transmission in the power industries, plant, project and other electrical installations.

In the control flex family, the versatile YY Flex works well in situations with the light mechanical stress and is suited to most environments. They also can be used outside in both dry and wet conditions. However, those that require interference-free transmission would need CY control cable as this has a tinned copper wire braid and a polyethylene terephthalate separator which works together to protect the control cables from the external electromagnetic in fluencies and some other mechanical stresses.

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