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What are Circlip Pliers?

11/8/2013 7:50:50 AM | by Anonymous


Circlip pliers are tools that are designed to install or remove a specialized type of clip that is known as the circlip. These circlips have the appearance of a circle that is formed out of plastic, flat steel or other materials. The circle of the circlip is missing a small section and will typically have small holes pierced through it on either side of the missing section.


A circlip which is also known as C-Clip, Jesus Clip or snap ring is a type of fastener or retaining ring. It consists of a semi flexible metal ring that has open ends. The open ends can be snapped into place into a machined groove on a dowel pin or other parts in order to permit rotation but at the same time prevent the lateral movement. There are two basic types of circlips, the internal and external circlips. This refers to whether they are positioned into a bore or over the shaft. Circlips are commonly used to secure pinned connections.


Since circlips are stamped out of sheet metal, there is a rough and smooth side. To prevent any potential damage, the circlips are usually installed with the smooth side facing the part and the rough side facing out. Dry or wet lubrication is required for the circlip to be maintained in function. Circlips are designed to be removing with circlip pliers that can be reassembled for internal or external clips. However, in the field expedient situations, a pair of needle nose pliers or leverage with a flat headed screw driver is sometimes used.


Circlip pliers are designed similarly to other types of pliers despite the fact that each arm of the plier terminates in a small peg. These pegs are then able to fit into the holes in a circlip which allows the operator to squeeze the clips together or to spread it apart.


Circlips can be used on the outer diameter of a peg of dowel, or the inner diameter of another hole or of a tube, so that the ability of circlip pliers to both spread and squeeze can be important. Circlip pliers are typically designed to easily do one or other tasks to this end.


Some are built so that squeezing the handles together can cause the pegs to squeeze together like a typical plier. Others will instead pull the pegs apart from each other when squeezing the handles together whereas some others are reversible. These unique circlip pliers would allow the operators to reposition the handles to operate them in either the spreading or squeezing manner.


Since circlips always come in variety of sizes and have holes that are of differing diameters. The circlip plier sets are often made available. These kits can come in an extensive range of circlip pliers that presents a range of head designs and peg sizes. Some instead will have a straight design whereas others will bend at 45 to 90 degrees. This acts as a form of assistance to reach difficult areas to access circlips in certain conditions.


On top of reversible circlip pliers, it may also be possible to find those with interchangeable heads. For example, a regular circlip plier set, they allow a wide range of circlips to be installed and removed. Since heads with various peg sizes and orientations can be installed to a single handle, the set may then take up lesser space and be easier to move around from job to job.


Sometimes it is possible to remove or install a circlip without the use of a proper plier, the job is however much easier with the correct tool. Though it is more difficult to spread a circlip and can result in the clip being ejected, bent or lost with a couple of small screw drivers, it is still possible to do so than using a circlip plier.


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