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What are Cd/Dvd Duplication Service?

9/30/2013 12:44:38 PM | by Anonymous

Cd/Dvd Duplication Service

Nowadays, most of the computers come with standard CD/DVD burning abilities. However, due to time constraint, if a large quantity of data needs to be copied, an individual will likely need to look up a company providing professional duplication services. CD/DVD Duplication services are usually time consuming and a relatively complicated process. The quality of service however depends greatly on the types of equipment used as well as the skills of the individual who will be performing the service.

A master copy of the DVD or CD is used to duplicate company replicates and copies. The material can be in the form of audio, video and data content. Whenever the material has been duplicated, it is transferred from a CD to a DVD using the help of a DVD duplicator also known as the copy tower. Both CD and DVD duplicator has the ability to produce unlimited copies of the material. DVD/CD duplication services are made good choice for those with large amount of data to be backed up. The original material is scanned by the duplicator from the master copy before it is saved into memory. It is then transferred onto a new blank disc whenever the material has been saved.

Most duplicators are not permitted to duplicate any form of copyrighted materials. Thus, consumers should always be wary of information that the company is willing to duplicate. Before the use of any form of duplication services, it is crucial to ensure that the company has been fully licensed as the purchase of unlicensed disc data is illegal which can result in lawsuits.

Additionally, the speed of the duplication service is dependent on the type and size of media that is being copied. An entire DVD can be duplicated within five to ten minutes on average. However, CD duplication usually takes lesser time of about two to four minutes. A variety of solutions are available to copying large numbers of disc. It includes machines that functions on their own or with assistance of operators. The configurations can sit as stand alone units or attached to computer peripherals.

The most commonly used devices are the handfed tower systems. It employs a number of recorders linked together simultaneously during the duplication from the master DVD to a hard drive. Another widely used tool would be the automated product which incorporates robotic handling system which mechanically loads and unloads one or more recorders. Disc label printers are also included to help in the production of a handful to a dozen finished discs duplicated per hour. Additionally, large commercial solutions are also made available as many of the duplication systems are in compacted form. On top of it, they are also relatively affordable and within the reach for personal and office uses. A handful of companies also offer commercial CD/DVD duplication service to perform run works in a quick turnaround time.

The quality of the duplication is greatly dependent on the DVD duplicator being used. Companies generally use a glass-mastering process that ensures the delivery of the most accurate results. This technique ensures that the duplicated item is an exact replica of the master material. Adding on to just copying materials over to the new CD or DVD, most services include imprinting of titles onto the CD/ DVD surface followed by packaging the materials.

Most companies today are able to copy DVD+R and DVD-R masters. Some are even able to make copies of Blu-Ray materials. Prior to older DVD players manufactured in 2000, they are usually incompatible with the duplicated DVDS. Thus, consumers may choose to check the compatibility of their DVD players before making the decision to purchase CD/DVD duplication services.


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