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What are Bulldozers?

3/26/2015 1:42:53 PM | by Anonymous


The first bulldozers were from Holt farm tractors and were used to plow fields. The versatility of these tractors has been in soft ground for logging and road building contributed to the development of the armored tank in the World War I. Over the years, bulldozers are more powerful and got bigger in response to the demand for equipment suited for ever larger earthworks. Some firms like JCB, CSE, John Deere and International Harvester manufactured large tracked type of earthmoving machines, whereas Caterpillar and R.G. LeTourneau manufactured large rubber bulldozers.


Bulldozers are operators that run the tractors which are fitted with a bulldozer blade. Bulldozers are used to move rock, soil and other materials in a wide variety of settings ranging from the battlefield to construction sites. The pay rate for a bulldozer operator varies and depends on the fields they work in as well as the level of training they have received. Some people can learn how to operate a bulldozer through apprenticeship programs or with on the job training.


The term “bulldozer” is often used to mean any heavy equipment which sometimes can be a loader or an excavator. The term is usually referred only to a tractor fitted with a dozer blade.


In some cases, the bulldozer operator is responsible for maintaining the equipment that she or he uses and running it. Bulldozer operators usually show up at the job site early to make sure that their equipment is in good working condition before operating the bulldozer besides they also clean and lubricate their tractors. Additionally, they are also responsible for confirming that their safety systems are working properly. Some minor problems are fixable on the job site while some bulldozers may need to be sent out for major repair work.


On the job, a bulldozer operator usually work in quarries, mines, agricultural operations, road construction and building sites. The bulldozer operator can use their tractor to blade and level the soil, move the rock as well as debris to other locations on the site and to scoop out soil. These bulldozers are capable of pushing rock, dirt, clay, vegetation and sand. They can also be utilized in the demolition of structures like single story houses, sheds along with walls and other barriers however this work can be hazardous.


Although, the bulldozer operator is generally reasonably safe while working in the bulldozer but he or she still needs to be aware of the hazards on the job site which may cause the bulldozer to tip over. It is also important to watch out for the bystanders or fellow workers who could be injured by the bulldozer. Bulldozer operators can be at risk of health problems caused by inhaling dust and other forms of pollution which may be present on the job site.

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