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What are barrier gates and its uses?

9/17/2013 10:30:09 AM | by Anonymous

Barrier Gate

Barrier gates are often installed to keep unwanted vehicles out of certain areas. However, there are different types of barrier gates depending on the purpose it is meant for. A barrier gate is often controlled by a mechanical device called the gate operator, which is a device that is mechanical and it is used to open and close a gate, such as though which are located or installed on driveways. For simplicity, there are two types of electric gate openers, they are electromechanical and hydraulic. To go into further detail, these 2 main categories can be split into more sub-categories which are screw driven, underground openers and arm openers. The barrier gate can also come in different forms and sizes, usually either swinging or sliding. The barrier gates can then be programmed to close or open with a manual device or a wireless transmitter. Some gates even use solar panels to power their gates in case of a black out or loss of electricity.

The 2 basic types of operators for gates

As mentioned earlier, there were two basic categories that the barrier gate can be classified in to. The first category would be mechanical, which involves obtaining electrical power to close or open a barrier gate. There are generally 4 types of electromechanical barrier gate operators. The screw type gates, sliding operators, barrier arm operators, and electric and automatic gate openers are mainly designed for swinging and sliding gates. Most manufacturers offer a backup for the battery which are either installed directly in the barrier gate or offered as an add-on to be installed manually in case of a power failure.

The other type of operator for a barrier gate would be the hydraulic operator. This type of operator uses hydraulic fluids instead of electrical power to operate the barrier gates’ motion. Hydraulic operators would be a better choice when it comes to bigger gates which weigh a lot more. This is because hydraulic operators are able to provide more power than mechanical motors. Also, hydraulic barrier gates have an anti locking function that avoids hitting vehicles and causing them damage.

Types of barrier gates

There are several different types of barrier gates and there are: swing, slide, barrier, overhead and tiger teeth. The first type of gate would be the swing gate, which can use three kinds of operators. The first would be a box that is attached to the ground and has a barrier or an arm if you will, extending out of the box. This is also referred to as a swing arm box operator. The extended barrier gate uses a piston that is either operated through hydraulic fluids or a jackscrew.

The next type of barrier gate would be the slide gate. These types of gates are usually installed in a closed position and the end of the gate. Some gate systems have a chain attached that goes across the gate passing through the operator as well. This sort of system is good in a sense that it provides more flexibility and it also allows for more movement in the gates. The other system a plastic or metal rack is attached to the gate and a gear is installed to the operator. This system ensures that the gate is not as noisy but also more secure. Since sliding gates are much heavier and larger as well, some might consider them to be more hazardous to vehicles. However, with the right safety equipment, this should not be an issue at all.

The last type of gate would be the barrier gate, this sort of gates is usually automated and they have a motor assembly, a breakaway gate arm and housing installed in a box. They are often installed in car parks or toll booths to manage the flow of traffic. Barrier gates usually include some sort of remote control system that raises the gate for traffic to flow through.

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