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What are Arbors?

9/14/2012 8:20:12 AM | by Anonymous


Also known as mandrel, arbors tools have three different forms suitable for various applications such as an object used to shape metals or other materials, as a tool that is able to grip or clamp materials that need to be worked on and as a post or shaft that is used to grip other moving tool components.


Shaping tools

When the term arbors or mandrel is used to describe metal shaping tools, it refers to machines that can bend or distort materials such as metals, glass or hollow into a desired shape. The material to be shaped is usually in its softest state, for example hot metals or warm acrylics that become soft when heated and therefore are easily shaped using mandrels. The material to be shaped can be inserted in or next to the mandrel which is then used by the user to shape the material. There are several items in the manufacturing industry that use mandrels to be shaped. A common example is exhaust pipes of vehicles. As they are hollow, these pipes are heated to a certain temperature and a mandrel is then used to shape these pipes into the desired shape. Using the mandrel allows these pipes to have smooth curves without any unwanted creasing, kinking or collapsing in the shape of the pipe. This tool is also able to shape molten glass in a desired shape. Similarly, mandrels are also used in jewelry manufacture as a small hammer is used to beat the metal against the mandrel.



These clamps are applied to lathes which are used to hold work pieces that need to be worked upon. The lathes are able to hold pieces of wood, metal or plastic which need to be secured in a proper place before they can be worked on. The secured materials can also be turned in their secured places so as to achieve even work on all sides of the work piece. Using these types of mandrels allow rods to be threaded, irregularly-shaped materials to be shaped into symmetrical round shape or beautiful textures to be achieved on furniture pieces. These instruments are usually designed in a way that only a specific workpiece can be worked upon using them. These workpieces usually cannot be fitted into a standard chuck and therefore require a mandrel clamp. Due to their limited application, these tools are usually discarded after their first use. The mandrels that are used with lathes can have several variations. One example is the expanding mandrel which is slightly tapered and has a tapered wedge which can expand to secure an item between it.


Power tool mandrels

These tools are commonly used to secure different types of power tools such as sanding or grinding discs and buffing pads in drills or other power driven machines. They usually consist of machined shoulders and locking nuts that secure the tools into place. Other accessories that the power tools are able to secure in place include sanding discs, polishing mops or lawn tractors. The design of these instruments is usually simple; a simple steel rod is fitted with the accessory-specific locking attachment and is designed to be used in a range of power tool chucks. There can be more complex uses of this tool, for example in specific machines with machined splines, profiles or keys that are suited to a particular mechanism. Most of such power mandrel tools are usually driven by a direct connection to a power source such as electric motor or engine. However, they can also be driven by attachments to a bearing-supported or pulley-driven shaft. Such types of tools would require manual power instead of electric power.

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