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What are adoption agencies?

9/11/2013 6:11:52 PM | by Anonymous

Adoption Agencies: Child

What are adoption agencies?

Adoption agencies are venues whereby people are able to adopt children who are not of their descent in exchange for a certain sum of money. Adoption is a process whereby people take over the role as parents from the biological parents. This means all rights and responsibilities are transferred. Many of today’s adoption agencies are strictly governed by rules and regulations. Thus, there is a tedious process involved in adopting a child. Some adoption agencies let the biological parents choose who should adopt their child based on factors such as financial stability, personality and the environment.

Meanwhile, most children who are waiting for people to adopt them live in orphanages where they are able to socialize with other children who are in the same situation as them.

Why do people choose to adopt?

The most common reason for people to adopt: wanting to form a family but lacking the ability to do so. There a numerous reasons, it could be medical issues such as infertility. It could also be due to social issues such as same sex marriage. Thus, the adoption process is differs depending on the type of situation or background.

Many adoption agencies understand this and they try their best to match the parents with the children so that the child will grow up in a productive and comfortable environment.

Adoption process

Those people who are interested in adopting are required to disclose personal details. These details include: financial stability, health problems, personality traits, character, religion etc. All of this information will be carefully assessed by the adoption agencies and it will be very useful in helping them decide which child is suitable for which parent. If possible, priority is given to the biological parents to decide who should adopt the child. The process also includes interviews, screenings and tests.

Post adoption issues

Most parents who wish to adopt children usually take good care of their adopted child. However, there are some who may not. In such cases, they may face disciplinary action. Most adoption agencies also require parents to sign a contract, so these parents will have to face the consequence if there is a breach in contract.

There has been much debate to about whether or not the parents should disclose their true identity to their adopted child, as doing so may bring about negative effects upon the child. However, such matters lie entirely in the hands of the parents, as the rights and responsibilities has been transferred to them.

While adoption agencies provide more of a matching service, they also do take in the children on the biological parents and provide counseling services for these biological parents. They also provide an outlet for biological parents to have instead of opting for adoption. These adoption agencies do not encourage the biological parents to go for adoption and usually provide some incentives if the biological parents were to give in their child to the adoption agencies instead. They may come in monetary forms or provide a free counseling service.

Some adoption agencies also provide talks and seminars for the public to get more information on adoption or the different options parents have when it comes to either adopting a child or if one wishes to give up their child. By proving valuable information through such seminars, those parents wishing to adopt or those who wish to give away their children are equipped with valuable information and they can then make an informed decision.

Overall, the existences of adoption agencies have been proven to be extremely useful in helping children find a home for them to live in. Also they have helped many people who wish to be parents find the child they have always wanted

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