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Water Pump and its Uses

6/29/2015 2:52:15 PM | by Gem


A device that moves fluids such as liquid and gas as well as slurries is popularly known as pump. Pumps serve a wide range of industries like aquarium filtering, pond filtering and aeration, pumping water from wells, car industry, energy industry, and medical industry. It is done in methods through displacement, direct lift, or gravity pumps. It consumes energy, performs mechanical operation, and moves the fluid using various energy sources including engines, electricity, wind power, and even manual operation.

There are several types of pumps used in various applications. Some of these pumps include the vacuum pumps, trash pumps, hydraulic pumps, sump pumps, and the water pumps. Vacuum type of pump vents the gas from a sealed volume and leaves a partial vacuum behind. It is typically used by operators in order to create low to high vacuums and it is applied in industries where vacuum is required. A Trash pump is mainly used to pump wastewater wherein these are commonly applied in pump basement bathroom waste. Hydraulic pumps used in hydraulic drive system are classified into positive displacement and variable displacement wherein it is usually used in chemical installation. Sump pumps are used to remove accumulated in water collecting basin or the sump. It is commonly used in low lying areas such as basement where flooding is possible. Lastly, the most common type is the water pump which simply pumps water.

Water pumps are employed for dewatering purposes reducing the downtime from large rain events. It is divided into two general types which consist of the centrifugal pumps and the positive displacement design type.

• Centrifugal Water Pump – moves water into the pump and pressurize the discharge flow using its rotating impeller. It works great with thin and high flow rate of liquid. All types of liquids even the liquid with low viscosity can be pumped.


     Buildings – used to pump the water supply including the pneumatic systems and also place where suction lift is not required.
     Boost Application – a booster pump is used to boost pressure coming from the intake line
     Wells – used in domestic water supply systems
     Fire Protection System – makes sure that continuous water source is available
     Hot-water circulation – used to move water in a closed system where low head is required
    Sump Pits – either horizontal or vertical water pump is used wherein it is operated by an automatic switch that is controlled by the float.

• Positive Displacement Design Type – these pumps are ideal in various industries where sensitive solids as well as high viscosity liquids are present. It is used to deliver fixed amount of flow in the course of mechanical contraction and expansion of a flexible diaphragm. It removes air from the lines eliminating the need to bleed the air from the lines. This type of pump is highly recommended to applications where there is low flow and high flow combination.

Other Types and Applications of Water Pumps

• Vehicle Water Pump – a vehicle water pump is applied to regulate the water flow using a vehicle’s cooling system.
• Well Water Pump – a well water pump is used in home or business wherein it draws the water up from the ground to supply in a number of sinks and bathrooms.
• Pressure Tank Water Pump – a pressure pump is applied to regulate the water pressure controlling the water flow that flows in places such as homes or businesses.

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