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Various Grades, Applications and Benefits of Using an Anti-Static Acrylic

4/1/2015 9:07:25 AM | by Ezria Belesario

Anti-Static Acrylic Plastic Sheet

An anti-static acrylic is a clear plastic material that has a unique surface coating which helps keep items safe from possible harm caused by static discharge. This material is available in a broad range of colors, grades and transparency.

Acrylic is a polymer that is noted for its elasticity, transparency, brilliance and resistance to breakage. It is lightweight and has a superior impact resistance. This type of material can be colored, mirrored, tinted or made opaque. Acrylic is durable, non-yellowing, and formable. Coatings can be added to enhance its characteristics including glare reduction, solar reflective, scratch resistance and anti-fogging property.

The following are some of the most common anti-static acrylic grades, applications and their benefits:

AC-300™ Acrylic
AC-300™ Acrylic is a plastic sheet material created to manage static charge for an extensive array of end uses. This quality anti-static acrylic sheet has a surface coating of C-300™. This enhanced technology helps prevent the generation of static charge on the surface of the acrylic sheet which prevents (ESD) electrostatic discharge events. The coating’s performance is consistent and completely independent from humidity. AC-300™ Acrylic can be fabricated according to requirements and is lightweight. It also shows high chemical resistance and does not spoil easily.

Since AC-300™ Acrylic can resist tribocharging and cannot generate a static charge, it is very ideal to use in assembly and manufacturing operations for electronic components for preventing immediate defects caused by electrostatic discharge. This anti-static acrylic does not draw contaminants, so it can also be useful in ultra-clean production operations. Common applications include; semi-conductor, access panels, doors, windows, process equipment enclosures and desiccators.

AC-350™ Acrylic
AC-350™ Acrylic is specifically designed to put up with heat bending. It can be fabricated easily into different bent configurations using ways typically used with unsurfaced acrylic sheet items. It displays superior design versatility and is readily available in large sheet sizes. This acrylic sheet has superior bending properties.

It is very ideal for semi-conductor and micro-manufacturing industries. This anti-static acrylic sheet is commonly used in fabricated products that needs heat bending or forming such as; boxes with heat bent parts, access panels for electronic equipment and fabricated desiccators. This product has numerous industrial uses as well including control of static discharge in hazardous and explosive environments and providing protection for static charge sensitive manufacturing devices.

Mar-Con® AS Acrylic Framing Grade Glazing
Mar-Con® AS Acrylic is anti-static Dual -Coat™ glazing suitable for framing memorabilia, art, documents and photographs. It is also often used for fabrication of museum cases and displays. Its front side has a mar resistant coating and an effective anti-static hard coating at the back which prevents attraction of particles during and after the assembly. This acrylic sheet can be fabricated easily weighs less. It is shatter and chemical resistant and has superior optical properties which minimizes distortion of the art.

Mar-Con® AS Acrylic is the perfect solution for display cases and framing. Its hard mar coating prevents damage from reasonable handling abuse, cleaning solutions and wipe downs. The anti-static coating on the back side minimizes the generation of static charge which prevents damage to framed art and documents caused by the inks and pigments from the item’s surface. This anti-static acrylic sheet is more versatile, easier and safer to handle compared to heavy, delicate glass.

With the advancement of technology, different types and grades of anti-static acrylics are available in the market today. These products are created to protect items from static charge that may cause great damages. Their superior fabrication characteristics provide convenience to the parties in need since the acrylic can be customized according to their preferences and requirements.

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