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Uses of Winches

5/25/2012 7:29:53 AM | by Anonymous


A winch is a machine used to lift or lower heavy objects. It can be a manually turned through a crank or operated by electricity. Winches have been an essential tool in saving people’s lives and industrial applications.


One time in our life, we heard or saw, whether it would be in person or television, an incident where a person needs to be rescued. The reason behind unfortunate events can either be caused by an accident or natural disaster. You may be walking in a steep mountain track and then suddenly slipped and fell. It is also possible that there has been a typhoon occurred that resulted to flooding and luckily you survived but you were brought to an inaccessible place. At times like this, you will need someone who can help you get out of your drastic situation. When the rescue arrived to come and help, the usual scenario is the rescuers will throw a rope which the victim will hold tightly so she can be pulled up. The tool where the rope is tied which is also responsible so that the person can be lifted with ease is called winch. The rope is rolled to a drum that allows for the machine to be easily revolved.


Docking boats is another scenario when winch is applied. It is necessary for boats especially the small ones to be out of the water when not in use in order to keep them free from barnacles, impacts, algae and floating debris. However, pulling the boat to the dock is not easy because of its heavy weight. This can be resolved by winching your vessel then let it do the rest of the lifting.


Winches have been around relieving us from carrying heavy objects or person for a long time now. They are truly reliable when in good shape but other factors such as the rope and condition of the machine could affect its performance so it should also be properly taken care of to ensure that it will perfectly work all the time.

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