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Uses of Vibration Measuring Instruments

11/30/2012 5:37:06 PM | by Anonymous


There are several vibration measuring instruments available today but each have one similar underlying purpose, that is to measure vibration or oscillatory motion. Among the various instruments developed to measure vibration, one device has been greatly associated with it namely accelerometers. Accelerometers are equipment used in anything that involves vibration. It works by measuring the acceleration and the impact of gravity occurred on the acceleration wherein within the process will give information on vibrations.


The first produced accelerometers used to be large but the development in technology paved the way for portable and easy to use accelerometers. There are factors to consider in determining what vibration measuring instrument is right for a job. The accelerometer’s mass should be a lot smaller compared to the system one is going to monitor. Determine the expected vibration amplitude range one will encounter then select an accelerometer that has a broader dynamic range. In case of frequency range, what the accelerometer will release should be adequate to the expected frequency range of the sample. Compatibility of the electrical output coming from the sensitivity of the accelerometer with existing instrumentation should also be considered. The idea behind is that low sensitivity accelerometer should be used in measuring high amplitude vibrations and vice versa.


In line with the development on the structure of the device, its several uses to various fields have also been recognized. In engineering, auto manufacturers measure the vibration to check the performance of a car especially the new ones. The rate of vibration will help the manufacturers determine if a certain car has reached the company’s standard or if its subsystems require adjustment.


Accelerometers are also used to measure vibration on buildings. Construction firms have to follow certain local codes when doing renovation or building structures. The new building should not be a risk to people’s lives by ensuring that it is sturdy enough to withstand seismic activity. Seismic waves resulting to earthquake can be measured by accelerometers. These devices are applied to electronic devices for various reasons. One way to measure a gadget’s durability is by knowing its resistance to shock when dropped. Using accelerometer, the ability of the device to handle the shock without damaging important internal parts can be known.


An important application of vibration measuring instruments is in industries. The use of industrial vibrators is vital in the operation of many businesses some of which is in manufacturing industries, power plant, sugar mill, petrochemical, hydropower and a lot more. The performance of the machine would determine the success of a business as a faulty machine can interrupt operations leading to waste of time and lost of profit. Machineries consist of mechanical parts which are responsible on the total performance of the machine. Through constant use, bearings of rotating equipment such as rollers, turbines, fans and pumps could malfunction overtime due to wear and tear. Monitoring the vibration can signal the operator of impending failure. If the machine has been attended to promptly from the first sign of problem, expensive repairs will be avoided.


The use of vibration measuring instruments is gaining popularity in the field of biology. Studying animals’ behavior while in the wild is complex as they normally are not within reach and even out of sight of the biologists. By recording their body acceleration, the researcher will be able to determine their behavioral patterns and the amount of energy they spend.

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