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Uses of Polycarbonate Sheets

8/18/2015 8:28:46 AM | by CL Tsui

Polycarbonate Sheets

A polycarbonate sheet also known as polycarbonate panel is a good replacement for glass, acrylic and other polyethylene membrane. It presents desirable features including high impact strength which can be more than 200 times greater than tempered glass, has UV protection and better aesthetic value, and is bulletproof and lightweight. It also has flame resistance, flexibility, energy efficiency and weather resistance attributes; it is mainly composed of polycarbonate, a group of polymers that has great strength.


Rigid and corrugated plastic such as polycarbonate sheets for windows and polycarbonate roof is usually installed over patios, walkways and terraces. It can also be used in fencing which provides an indestructible barrier. This polycarbonate sheet also serves in other applications like greenhouse, agriculture, ornaments and sound insulation barrier. This type of panel plays an important role in safety and environmental protection. It can be made into a bulletproof window seen inside banks or polycarbonate roofing sheets to filter ultraviolet sunlight.


A polycarbonate sheet can be translucent or completely opaque. It can be classified into a solid type or hollow type wherein the main difference depends on the impact strength and the level of light transmission. Solid types are constructed with single heavy solid layer and are best used for applications where strength is the priority. Hollow types are made with at least two walls and are recommended for thermal insulation applications.


The corrugated plastic sheet is manufactured in a variety of textures and colors, and can be cut to fit any size. Other types of polycarbonate sheets include the frosted and embossed polycarbonate sheets that are specifically used for decoration purposes.


• Agriculture
Agricultural outbuildings such as barn and energy efficient greenhouses are usually incorporated with UV treated polycarbonate roof panel. It can be single walled providing no light diffusion and less heat retention capability, or a thin walled giving additional strength, light diffusion as well as better insulating values. It can also be in the form of triple walled polycarbonate sheeting for superior strength and better heat retention. The semi opaque plastic sheet can also be installed vertically acting as wall unit which allows the warmth and light to reach the farm animals like cows and horses.

• Decoration
Available in various colors and textures, polycarbonate sheets provides some of its pleasing uses. It can be used as an alternative breakable glass type of door into a kitchen cabinet. It also serves as a lightweight divider in rooms and other sites.

• Electrical and electronics
A number of electrical and electronic equipments are mostly made from polycarbonate such as sensors, connectors, relays, computers and many more because it is lightweight and has high impact strength. Hollow polycarbonate is perfect for these kinds of materials in the electronic and electrical industry since it serves as perfect thermal insulators.

• Automotive industry
The high performance, dimensional stability, rigidity, low moisture absorption and good heat resistance characteristics of polycarbonates made it a perfect choice in constructing a variety of automotive parts. It helps improve the aesthetic look of the automobiles and is used to make headlight bezels, radiator grills, inner lenses, door handles and other transparent sections of a car.

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