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Uses of Noise Measuring Instruments

7/12/2013 12:48:33 PM | by Anonymous

Noise Measuring Instruments

Noise measuring instruments are used in measuring sound in the environment, electronics or other fields that concern noise. They are applied in homes and industries for various reasons. In acoustics, noise measuring instruments are utilized so they can build a structure that could eliminate unwanted sound. People working in manufacturing are exposed to machines that emit a very loud noise. An instrument used in this application is sound level meter. It will determine if the sound is harmful to the workers. If it is detected to be harmful, hearing damage to workers could be prevented by requiring them to wear a hearing protection.


Another preventative measure that could be applied to ensure the safety of workers constantly exposed to sound is allowing them to work in a structure that uses acoustical materials. These materials absorb sound creating a sound proof space. Sound in the environment such as concert halls, sports stadiums and arenas are measured so that the sound would not easily escape the room and interrupt the neighboring buildings. The proper volume of sound will also be set so that the concert goers would not encounter hearing a harmful sound.


Noise measuring instruments are also used in testing the quality of audio equipment. It is applied during audio recording whether it is in a recording studio or at home to measure the amount of noise. Noise generally refers to loud unwanted sound. In audio systems, noise is anything that might be picked up other than the sound needed to be recorded. The noise could be the sound emitted by electronics, such as recording equipment and air conditioning, and people in the surroundings. Even a simple shuffling of papers could be caught in the recording. What the noise measuring instrument would do is to keep this noise very low to the point that it would not contribute to the actual sound being recorded. A system of sound weighting will eliminate any noise that might affect the recording.


Environmental noise is starting to become a serious issue among people due to the demands of modern society. People living near the sources of noise such as road traffic, airports and power stations suffer from unacceptable noise levels causing people to have disturbed sleep and become annoyed which could result to unfavorable effects on health. To prevent these occurrences, many industries have been required to monitor their environmental noise impact. Measuring of noise is done for 24 hours to detect the level of noise being produced and the time of the day when the noise level is the highest. At the airport, noise measuring instruments are used to monitor, manage and control the levels of noise produced by the movements of aircraft in and around the airport.


The environmental noise people are most exposed to everyday are those coming from vehicles. Automobiles nowadays are required to meet a certain noise level when they are sold and regular checks on vehicles are imposed in many countries. Car and motor sports are also a major concern to residents near the venue. Noise measuring instruments are applied on high profile venues to make sure the event will comply with the acceptable level of noise.

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