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Uses of Nets

6/29/2012 12:55:00 PM | by Anonymous


Statistics show that one in ten construction workers is injured each year on the job and falls are the single leading cause of accidents, injuries and fatalities in construction sites. Working at a height is a dangerous job and if precautions are not taken, it puts a person’s life at risk as he or she could fall down and get injured. Working above ground level, working at ground level near an opening in the ground or working at near and edge or fragile surface can result dangerous accidents if the person working fell and no safety measures were in place for the safety of the workers. Installing safety nets is very important to ensure the safety of the workers and preventing fatalities and serious accidents when working at a height. If the right nets are installed, they can greatly improve the safety for employees while also protecting traffic areas and workstations. Also, they can be installed in such a way to reduce damage to warehouse goods, secure mezzanine railings and prevent falls between back-to-back racks.


Although a fall arrest system should be the last resort in ensuring the safety of workers at construction and other sites that require safety measures, it is one of the most effective and versatile methods to ensure that the workers are safe. If a person fall from a height onto safety netting, he or she should be dealt with appropriately as they could suffer severe suspension trauma which can result in death if not handled correctly. As stated earlier, by using safety netting, manufacturers and contractors can achieve many benefits and ensure the safety of their workers. When there is increased safety in the work environment, it would result in the workers being more confident to carry out their tasks which in turn results in increased productivity.


When installing nets for a work at height environment, it should be as close to working area as possible to eliminate any shock that the victim might receive from the fall. It should also extend out from the designated working place at least by 8 ft to serve as a precaution in case of any mishaps where the worker is outside of the working area. In this way, the net would still be able to provide protection to the worker due to the extended net.


Aside from providing safety for the workers, nets installed at construction sites to catch any falling debris protect the public and nearby property from damage of falling particles. These nets are installed horizontally below the working site and catch any debris that might fall of during construction. This is very beneficial to the contractors as it would prevent them from being liable for any damage to property near the construction site as well as ensure that any public or workers standing below do not get hurt by the falling debris.


Ships can also make use of these safety nets to ensure the safety of the crew or any passengers. Many cargo ships and ships that are involved in works out at the sea tend to use nets as a barrier extending out from the ships perimeters to ensure extra safety in case of any mishap. If the ship was to face stormy weather, the nets act as an extra precaution to prevent the passengers or goods from dropping into the sea.


There are several other ways nets can be used to serve as a safety measure in the various industries. Not only as a safety measure, but nets can also be used for recreational activities such as fishing and swings. The uses of nets are very versatile and they can serve various purposes.

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