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Uses of Louvers

7/12/2012 3:31:13 PM | by Anonymous


Louvers are a type of window that have a unique shape. It is a type of shutter, blind or window that has horizontal slats angled to allow light and air to enter an enclosed area but keep out rain, dust and direct sunlight. Modern louvers allow the angle of the slats to be adjusted to suit requirements of the user however there are those that can also be fixed to a predetermined permanent position. In the past, louvers were usually made out of wood. However, today they can be made of aluminum, metal or even glass. The adjustable louvers can make use of a metal lever, pulleys or motorized operators to be opened or closed. Many people prefer to use louvers as compared to regular windows as they are more practical. With regular windows, users have to constantly be aware about the weather outside to prevent rain water or dust from coming in. However with louvers, they can be adjusted to a position beforehand and simply left in that position, be it bright outside or raining.


Having originated during the Middle Ages, louvers were referred to domelike lantern sets that were installed in the roofs of homes for the purpose of ventilation, keeping out unwanted sunlight and snow. They were originally rather crude structures that were made of scrap material such as barrels and were usually installed in the kitchen roofs to allow ventilation while cooking. Overtime, with the popularity of louvers, people became more innovative and started developing unique catchy designs. One example of such can be those designs made from pottery that resembled the human face. The smoke from all the cooking would be ventilated through the eyes and mouth of the louver. Later on, manufacturers developed louvers that had slats which were adjustable either by using levers or by pulling on a string.


Users who wanted to adjust the opening of the louver simply had to pull on a string that was connected to the louver to be able to make those adjustments. Similarly, modern louvers make use of various mechanisms to be opened or closed. As glass is fragile, louvers made of this material usually have metal levers to allow the louver to be adjusted gently. However, these types of louvers are very scarce in today’s market and louvers made of vinyl have replaced them, as they can be easily manufactured in bulk, easy to install and allow easy adjustment of the angle. One would be able to spot the presence louvers in many office buildings. They are typically installed next to a glass window and serve to allow natural light to enter the enclosed space at desired amounts.


Many people tend to think that louvers can only be used as parts of windows in the construction of homes or offices. Aside from being used as an integral part in the ventilation of homes, louvers are constantly used in regular household compartments that require some form of ventilation. An example can be the shoe rack cupboard. These cupboards require ventilation, in order to prevent foul smells developing inside them as shoes are kept inside them. As the louvers would allow air to constantly ventilate the cupboard, it would remove stale air from inside and preventing mould from growing on shoes. Today, architects do not always use louvers as part of building structures due to new inventions that can ventilate a structure more efficiently, however some still do prefer to use louvers to give the building or home an accent and add extra aesthetic value to an otherwise plain design.


Louvers were an important invention in the past; however they are not commonly used in the construction of buildings or homes today. Despite this, they still play an important role in the ventilation of household compartments to prevent stagnant and stale air from building up inside.

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