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Uses of Gearboxes in Automobiles

6/5/2012 7:25:44 AM | by Anonymous


What if the cars nowadays only run on a constant speed? That means there would be no F1 Grand Prix or motorcycle racing sports. Those who are able to drive are probably the only people who will understand the fun of driving in high speed. Even without formal teachings, any driver can surely realize that driving would not be as enjoyable as it is today without gearboxes.


Gearbox is an assembly of gears which transmits mechanical energy from a rotating prime power source to an output device. The energy transmitted will in effect change the speed, direction, or torque of the machine where it is installed. A common application of gearboxes is in automobiles. It is the reason why we can control how slow or fast we want to run our car. It also directs the engine to transmit slow amount of energy when you first start your car so it would not uncontrollably speed up right away.


The speed and the gear should be almost equal to each other. Modern day cars are either equipped with 4 speed or five speed gearbox. Obviously, one should start with the lowest gear which is one since the car would move slowly at the beginning. As your car gain speed, the gear should match it by shifting to a higher level. The gear you will reach would depend on how fast you drive. Matching the speed and gear is not a problem for those who have been driving for quite a while since they can already feel if the engine achieved its comfortable running state.


Getting the best possible performance of cars’ engine would highly depend on how their gearboxes are handled. High gear and slow speed can cause the car to judder or the engine to stop while holding a gear for too long beyond the apt speed when accelerating may cause parts to break.

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