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Boats are present in almost every part of the world. These watercrafts come in almost any size and are designed to float on water to be able to provide a passage for people across a water body. These water bodies are usually inland lakes or coastal areas that are very near to the shore. However, there are some boats that can be used far away from the shore in the big open seas. According to naval terms, a watercraft can only be classified as a boat if it is small enough to be carried on another larger vessel which can be a ship. They should also be able to be lifted out of the water. There are several different types of boats in the world today which have different functions and applications.


In general, boats can be classified according to how they are powered. The first category being the unpowered boats, which means not being powered by any source, are usually powered by the person aboard them through paddles or poles like a punt and are mostly used for recreational purposes. There are can also be non-human powered boats that work by traveling downstream or because of the waterforce. Boats that work on the basis of waterforce and downstream travel include rafts and boats that are powered by humans such as canoes, kayaks and gondolas. There are boats that are powered by the wind and can be called sailing boats. They are propelled by the means of sails which are attached to them. The sails make use of the wind blowing to propel the boat forward. Lastly, the most common types of boats that present almost everywhere are those that are powered by mechanical means such as engines. These are called motorboats and have various uses all around the world; from recreation to work. Depending on the activity, boats can come in different shapes and sizes to be able to support the task.


Types of Boats

Banana Boats

Also referred to as water sled or more simply just banana, these boats serve the purpose of recreation. They are unpowered and usually pulled by a larger boat. These boats are a popular ride for kids and any people who seek the thrill to move over the water surface at high speeds but would not want to try surfing or water-skiing. Riders are made to sit on a long tube that is supported by two smaller tubes on either sides which serve as a footrest for the riders and work to balance the boat. They can be stored onboard yachts and holiday resorts make use of these boats to entertain their guests. They derive their name from the fact that they are moulded and coloured to replicate a banana.


Fishing Boats

There are several kinds of fishing boats that come in a variety of models, designs and sizes; each to serve a different purpose and function. Previously, before the invention of the motor engines, fishing boats were powered by humans but in the current times, fishing boats make use of engine power to move. There may be fishing boats that are still powered by human force in some undeveloped parts of the world, but more commercially, motorized fishing boats are used. They allow the user to travel far out into the sea to be able to reach an ideal spot for fishing. These boats can also be used by families as a form of family recreation where they can go on fishing trips together. Professional fishermen usually have more powerful and larger boats equipped with the required tools for them to carry out their jobs. The application of motorboats does not only stop at fishing boats, but have several other applications as well.



These boats come in many different sizes and can be used by people for pleasure and private cruising or for transporting prominent people. They are defined as light, fast sailing vessels and are powered by motors. Many people in recent times have started purchasing their yachts for private family time or fishing at the sea.

There are several other types of boats that come in various sizes, being powered by different means and having various different applications.

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